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economic rule [deleted] 9:32am, 15 June 2010
Hello all,
just to see if anyone has been following slippers for sale on ebay, Ive noticed some of the UK sellers starting to sell traditional british style slippersin their shops, ie full collar rubber soled slippers which for a while looked like they were disappearing, so thats a good sign for a slipper lover like me as this is my favourite style of slipper, I like the feel of them and also remember the lovely aroma the rubber sole gave off when well worn , Whats everyones views on the traditional slipper or do we prefer the open toe flatties which I really like also

maniacal advertisement [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by maniacal advertisement (member) 8 years ago
Oh yes, I have been following them - and the prices of classic 60's/70-fluffy wedges have been absolutely insane! Thankfully a couple of people have started making them from modern slippers, although the base colors seem to be restricted to black and sometimes burgundy. One can only hope that the big manufacturers like will follow this lead in future, but sadly it looks like they have all moved production overseas
aquatic angle [deleted] 8 years ago
agree 100% with sandra
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