economic rule [deleted] 11:34am, 14 July 2009
What do you think is the most comfortable attire when relaxing, me personally, I cant get enough of a nice pair of tan tights as they seem to go with whatever colour or type of slipper i am wearing, there is also something about the comfort feel of nylons and slippers
maniacal advertisement [deleted] 9 years ago
Me too, and usually the same color, however in the summer heat here, sometimes it just has to be bare legs. And of course the first thing I do when I get up is slip into a pair of fluffy mules before getting washed and dressed.
aquatic angle [deleted] 9 years ago
it has to be tights for me, bare legs are for nighties/pj's, once the clothes go on so should the tights. tan tights work well with furry slippers as do barely black tights.
Claire - tv 9 years ago
Tights for me most of the time too although there were a few times over the summer when a denim skirt, bare legs and a pair of mules were essential.

However, i would always prefer tights or sometimes a really nice girly pair of socks....
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