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Bawmer 5:04pm, 14 December 2006
There doesn't seem to be too much activity in this group. With 22 members we should be able to get something going. Anyone want to to tell us something about themselves? To get the ball rolling.........

I 've become a bit of a Flickr addict in the last couple of months. Found myself with some time on my hands and had my distant interest in photography re-kindled - digital this time. Resulted last week in the purchase of a Nikon D40. Hope the investment was worth it! I'm a southerner by birth (please don't hold that against me)but have lived in the Warrington area for almost 20 years.
jeff_leigh 12 years ago
I've got some images I took the other day when i was down Bridgewater Canal I'll post 'em when i get some time :)
Bawmer 12 years ago
Look forward to it Jeff. Glad to see someone else on the group.
Guy Hatton 11 years ago
Sitting here in Harrogate wondering when the next chance I'll have to visit will be, it's great to see that other people have been keeping the good work up lately. Thanks to all of you!
iTimJim 11 years ago

Just joined Flickr today, and the Warrington group. Seems very quiet in the group, as per the title of the post.

I'm from Stockton Heath, but not got many pictures of Warrington...if any! The photos from this group has given me a few ideas though, so thank-you very muchly.
visionthing64 PRO 11 years ago
Hi everyone! Just joined the group - thanks to Guy - and posted some pics up.
Bawmer 11 years ago
Welcome both.
Guy Hatton 11 years ago
Great to see new members here, and thanks to everybody for the marvelous photos.
dragonflajka 11 years ago
ha and I'm from Poland
and I'm going to visit my sister in Warrington this summer ;)
Guy Hatton 11 years ago
Welcome to the group! Hope you have a great time on your visit, and don't forget to let us see your pictures!
defeated argument [deleted] 11 years ago
Hi all,

I've just joined this group so just dropping in to say hi before I go searching for pics in and around Warrington to post to the pool, then I'll be searching through the discussions to see what's happening.
mywarrington 11 years ago
Hi Bawmer. Just joined this group - actually, only just signed up for the site itself. I have lived in the town all my life and have a website about it called I invite members to view it and post comments, either here or via my feedback.
Sum Micron Mike PRO 10 years ago
Hi I'm Michael, and I'm from Darwen, Guy spotted my photo of a seemingly happy train driver pulling into Warrington Bank Quay station, and wanted to use it for the group. Used to get over to Warrington a lot, and other places beside, using the wayfarer tickets, if I was feeling non to energetic I would have a day spotting on Bank Quay station, hence the train pictures. There is just so much to see in and around Warrington that it would be nice to get to know the place better, all for now, perhaps more later, Michael.
DaveP SS-L 10 years ago
Blimey! it is quiet around here...

I live in Winwick and take snapps of what ever catches my eye. Some on my 'phone. most with a Panasonic Lumix FZ18.

I'm still in the early stages of learning this black art as you can see from my pictures...
feigned credit [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi Dave & other Warrington peeps. I'm struggling to find much of interest to take pics of in Warrington. Is anyone else having this problem? Any ideas of good locations? Also I feel totally comfortable in Liverpool out and about with my camera (perhaps cos so many people chasing Superlambananas), but I feel like everyone's watching me and wondering why in Warrington, arggghhhh.
Jono Mcan Photography PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Jono Mcan Photography (member) 10 years ago
Hi Everyone I live in Liverpool and am trying to get out cos of all the cameras at the moment..Ha! Ha! there everywhere Capital of Camera Ha!
Ideas try the canal (Manchestership) & Bridgewater set up my tripod nobody looks at you.. i also walk alone the banks of the Mersey I never see anyone.. Theres 2 ideas....
spiky spade [deleted] 10 years ago
Hiya I too am having real problems with finding photos to take in Warrington. I'd love a list of great places in the surrounding area that are cool to shoot.
noisy apparel [deleted] 10 years ago
A couple of hours spent walking around the Town Centre will yield an enormous amount of photographic opportunities, give it a try.
philipgmayer PRO 10 years ago
There's 114 members.
I don't think it's quiet.
I run 2 "Specialised" Liverpool groups, and wish I could get so many people to take part in a Discussion.
I live in Liverpool, but like Warrington, and find lots to photograph in the town centre.
Initially, I wanted to snap what cinemas and theatres remained, but Warrington has lost a bigger percentage of those than other towns.
davek52 10 years ago
Hi to all! Newcomer to the group (and to t'internet in fact). I found this group while searching for images of the Ring O'Bells pub in Church Street - surprised there are so few! Very photogenic area with the superb church next door and some 17th century buildings around. Also, if you like nature photography, the "Twiggery" is not far away, also the main cemetery yields interestings sights.
To philip - have you thought about pub pictures before they all go the way of the theatres?
BigBadgers2001 10 years ago
I prefer to not take my camera into the town centre. It worries me now with all the yobs and funny looks I get. I tend to stick to the outskirts and countryside bits, like Walton hall gardens, a lovely spot fust south of town centre, Sankey valley park runs right through the county, lots of wildlife and nature to see and shoot. I even stop on little lanes to shoot wildflowers on the verges in newton le willows towards Lowton. Church yards are also great places to shoot.
Rabid Miffy 10 years ago
Hi everyone, from Chapelford. For those who don't know Chapelford yet, it's the new name now they've built on the old Burtonwood Air Base - where the big warehouses were.

I've had a Canon 300D since they first came out and am still finding new features to play with, but am thinking of moving up to a 450D, or maybe a 40D - any recommendations?

I enjoy taking landscapes but most of my photos tend to be opportunistic, as I don't have much time to get out and about due to work and family. I'm a firm believer that 80% of a shot is seeing it, 19% is taking it and no more than 1% should be added on the PC. I know others disagree!
davek52 10 years ago
I agree on those percentages - they seem OK to me, but I know what you mean about other views. You just have to look at some of the streams on FlickR!
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