mikaplexus 1:44am, 17 July 2008
Something with people like posting a pics in a thread, that have to do with the same thing. Like have a contest thread be set up for all pictures that have red as the dominating color in the photo. And the rules are one pic per person, and first 20 pics, (so the people, as they post their picture they put the number at the top). So first twenty pics, and then we set up the vote, just continue the same thread and people post what number they choose. (only one vote per person)...

Like something like that, but with whatever context)... It could be starwars toy pics, with simialar terms, like first 20 pics, and then vote, or first fifty pics, whatever, be creative.

If anyone has an idea that they think would get people wanting to get involved, then hit me up, or I can make you moderator, and you can do it, I don't care how. i just wanna get something started with fresh pictures ;)
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