mikaplexus PRO 3:50pm, 29 January 2008
Tell us who you are and where you are at, just a little ice-breaker, =D...
Here we will start

We are Michael & Melissal, a couple of toy collectors, who live on the east coast in Virginia, USA =)

And we loooove toys! Rock on!
zhonnetiks 10 years ago
Hi Michael & Melissal, thank you for the invitation to your group.

I'm Javi from Almeria, at the south of Spain. I'm nineteen.

I'm going to upload my photos as soon as possible, I'm a bit occupied with the university.

See ya!
krysto_O 10 years ago
Hi there, I'm Chris from Paris.

Toys are growing everywhere nowadays !! This is cool^^

I like vinyl toys, specially from designer like Wilfrid Wood, James Jarvis, Nathan Jurevicius, and so many you'll find here or on my flickR..
And yes, I love shooting them...

ellevegas 10 years ago
I'm Elle from Paris, France.
I collect and customised toys too.
I like David Horvath and Sun Min Kim, Jon Burgerman, Dalek and Touma.
Daze(d) 10 years ago
Hi! :)

Thank you for the invitation (and beautiful comments!)

I'm Daze, from Italy. I collect toys ;) especially Blythe, Dal, Pinky:St and design toys (esp. Dunny).

If you want, gonna take a look to
my group about Tara McPherson! :)

Many kisses,
455ER CBS 10 years ago
Isa Bul PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Isa Bul (member) 10 years ago
Hello Michael & Melissa !

Thank you very much for the invite.
I'm Isa, 35, from Lyon (France) and I LOVE figurines/toys ; especially movies related ones. My collection begans to use a lot of place at home ! LOL !
I have a lot of fun, taking photos with them.

Toom! 10 years ago
Everton I am living in Brazil in the city of Sao Paulo, much like toys and studying to be an illustrator rs!

Ah and my email is

aback account [deleted] 10 years ago
Hideki a.k.a. Nomies, i´m living Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I like Toys and grafitti, street art..

little-lil 10 years ago
helo im lil, i do arty things, and love toys!!!
im going to study illustration this year (hopefully!!) other than that i like a bit of street art, readin comics, refusing to grow up, you know, the usual :)
Jasper Frost 10 years ago

I've been a toy collector all my life.
thanks for the invite.

hysterical plant [deleted] 10 years ago

I'm Q'b and I'm from the Philippines ^_^
ChrisLCW 10 years ago
Michael & Melissal

Thanks for the invitation~!

I'm Chris from Malaysia... I work as a Web/Multimedia Designer

My hobby is photography and toys collecting : )
Cyclop.Invasion. 10 years ago
hi everyone well shit feels like rehab all over agian well
im that fat oneyed bastard who vandals the cities
living in the United states of america CALI
mikaplexus PRO 10 years ago
lol =D
mrlee_1979 10 years ago
hi all, I'm Lee... 29 from Brighton in the UK. I have two kids so although I am not a collector myself I am always in the presense of toys around my house. My eldest son's current craze is toy cars from the disney Film "CARS" and lego...

I've submitted some of my CARS photos, but not all my Lego photos. This is because I tend to do them late at night, and my mind isnt nesasarly in the best place, so if you want to look at them check out my flickr.


PS: I have two eye's, and I wouldnt consider myself "fat". However, I once wrote on the front on my sketch book the word "naff"
unpro_redo 10 years ago
hi i'm "Unpro " 19 years old male from Romania , and i like to take pictures , especially pictures of my "lego man " i kept since my early ages.
abstracted floor [deleted] 10 years ago
Michael & Melissal, i'm Naty 23 years from Bogotá Colombia, i'm just starting my toys collection so it would a pleasure to share photos with everyone.
Punkfish- Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Punkfish- (member) 10 years ago
Hi Michael & Melissal (o Melissa?); i'm Alessandro 22 years and i living and Studing in Rome in Italy;

Thank you very much for the invite, i love toys, all toys!
bye bye
ideacat 10 years ago
Hi Michael & Melissa

Thanks for the invitation

I'm from Barcelona
I like Toys and grafitti, street art..
Luckykatt 10 years ago
hello all my name is keith and i live in California, and i have been a collector of toys, comics and other things for my entire life
thanks for inviting me
gumbyliberation 10 years ago
we are the gumby liberation organization. do not panic. we do not wish to harm gumby; we only wish to liberate him from the constraints of his original owner. gumby is now free to enjoy life .

these are photos of his travels as a free toy in a big world.

oh, and we just secured several stormtroopers too.
sketchguy 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite Michael & Melissa!

I'm an animation director and character designer living in Brooklyn and working in NYC. I'm working towards making the transition from commercial work to more independent production of my original artwork and character concepts into designer toys. I've also just embarked on the world of custom mods, having participated in my first custom show (KaNO's 'Moneygrip') at My Plastic Heart last week!

I'm looking forward to seeing the diversity of toys and work that inspires everyone in this group.

ijnek29 10 years ago
hi! i'm chel from the philippines!
mikaplexus PRO 10 years ago
now come on, there's almost a thousand members, introduce yourself guys and gals? that'd be cool X)
digicolleen 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite! I'm Colleen and I'm from NYC! Woohoo! This is going to be a fun group!
Jean- PRO 10 years ago
Hi i'm jean, inspired by riot-baby and lucky to find the same kind of figurines I started shooting scenes about them. I'll upload one from time to time.

(btw if someone knows how they are called I would love to know)
Joriel "Joz" Jimenez 10 years ago
I'm from Sydney, Australia.

I'm a fan of Lego, Transformers and other random collectibles like this:

15 Sterile Strips | 2008

I hope you don't mind the HTML. ; )
REBELZER 10 years ago
yeah, im an artist from hamburg city and i produce me own toys.
mikaplexus PRO 10 years ago
that's so cool, I'm trying to do the same thing, just getting started myself... filled with ideas, and searching for funds X))
PAXandLOVE 10 years ago
Im Desiree from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Im designer of plushies toys.
I like toys, ilustration and street art...

KooKooCraft 8 years ago
Hi everyone,

I love to make crocheted dolls. Ckeck out my i



Facebook page:

Welcome! :)

Lili, unique crocheted art doll by KooKooCraft
comigirl Posted 8 years ago. Edited by comigirl (member) 8 years ago
hello group members,

I'm Marylou and i am a burgeoning toy/art collector and creator/owner of Comi Girl.
Sabii :) 8 years ago
Hi, I'm Sabia. I'm 13 and from England. I joined as I like to photograph toys occasionally, just because they look cute :)
indrarado 7 years ago
toy voyager

Join this group and let your toy do its journey alone all around the world!. (All is free!).

my toy traveler is ready to leave!
who would host it first?
Juicysmoothie 5 years ago
Hello from Denmark,
I am a woman who collect toys, i collect mostly girly toys.
I am hoping to make a interesting photo collection on this site.
- Beautysmoothie
perau 5 years ago
Hello, I'm Perau from Malaysia! Big toy collector especially on Comic collectibles, Transformers, and Japanese Action Figures!

Only have a little compact camera but hope everyone enjoys my toys :)
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