Jacqi B PRO 10:56pm, 3 June 2008
Are any of your photos tagged with 'foreigh food', spicy food', 'western food', or 'eastern food'? If so your photograph may be being used on a website without your knowledge or permission.

There is a group of websites which takes photographs from flickr and uses them on its advertising-laden pages. The sites are called www.spicygrub.com/photos.php, www.westerngrub.com/photos.php, www.easterngrub.com/photos.php, www.foreigngrub.com/photos.php .

It seems that it uses the photo's tags to take the photos - and they don't care if they are '(c) all rights reserved' or not. In fact all the photos I saw on there are '(c) all rights reserved' .

He has the cheek to put a copyright notice on his site! The 'contact us' link is broken but points to an email address which is ron@poki.com. A week after his acknowledgement of my email my photo was still on his tacky site. I alerted some of the flickr users whose copyrighted images were being used. One told me that removing the tag 'foreign food' removed it from this guy's site.

I want to be able to tag my photos without the risk of some chancer stealing them. If it bothers you, email him. If enough of us do so, he'll get the message.

I think it is important that people know their photos may be used inthis way. Therefore I am posting this message in all the food groups I'm in. Apologies if you see it several times.
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