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TuJaded ADMIN September 30, 2008
Hi all: This is silver and metalsmtihing - jewelry arts, metals arts - whatever you are doing with metal. ALSO, I added a 10 photo limit a day. Please let's try to get into the habit of commenting and feeding back on our fellow designers pictures!

We are spreading out - adding moderators & other admins to share the respon...I mean the metal love~

holly || tujaded

PS - I am AWED at the quality of photos and the quantity of new members; to think that only 2 years ago there was no group

Group Description

Folks who like to move metal!! Copper, Brass, Silver, Gold, Platinum whatever you can afford. Devoted to the people, tools, methods and the things we make with metal. Sculpture, art, jewelry, objects, whatever.

ALSO please bring ideas, tools, interesting pieces, and studio bench shots! Similar to the Studio/Bench Tour thread on Ganoskin/Orchid.

Professional smiths, apprentices, students & hobbiests - WELCOME!

Silversmithing silversmiths metalsmith metalsmithing fabrication forging

~PLEASE Don't POST & RUN ! **POST ONE - COMMENT ONE - - PLEASE!! Up to a limit of ten items daily. Your fellow designers and smiths will appreciate your comments and feedback. Don't you ;D ?!

(**I am working up some code to copy & paste for both COMMENTS & INVITES; soon)

ADDING PHOTOS TO YOUR DISCUSSION POSTS (please use but don't abuse this)
If you have something you are posting or have a question about or want to shocase you can very simply add a photo of it IF it is in your photostream (YOU MUST credit someone else's photo if you use it here).

1.Select your picture.
2. Select 'ALL SIZES' from the options on top of your picture (next to 'Favorite,' 'Add To Set,' etc.) If you don't have the 'ALL SIZES' option, that is something YOU can set in your personal preferences/settings.
3. Select 'Small' or 'Medium' NO LARGER!! It will be deleted!
4. Under this text is a box of html code:

~ "To link to this photo on other websites you can either:
1. Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage:" ~

...COPY that html code and PASTE it into the body of your message or discussion reply.

That's it!!


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Group Rules

Pictures of silversmithing & metalsmithing.

We aren't super uptight but keep it to metal arts, forging, fabrication and jewelry design. Other fringes and outsider art considered.

Stones are welcome as set in metal pieces.

Please keep invovled in group discussions and new pix/thread ideas.

NEW Post one & Comment one!! Please help give other designers and smiths here some much-needed AND APPRECIATED feedback.


Additional Info

  • Members can post 10 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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