DigitalKen Photography 7:02pm, 8 May 2009
Hi Roger.
Thanks for asking me to include my river picture.It is the
River Great Ouse and my picture is at Bedford.
dizzy lunch [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm Mike Watson and have recently moved to Brushford just outside Exmoor. My main subject is Landscape which obviously includes rivers etc. My nearby river is the Barle and the Exe and I have just put a few of them in the group. (sorry if this dump is considered bad form. Feel free to drop any if there are too many....)

Now I have addded a few of the Barle do you still want further Barle images added when I take them?

Cheers.. Mike
Wider World 9 years ago
You are most welcome to add your river photos to the RNB pool, Mike. The Barle and the Exe are not all that well represented in the pool, so more images would be great.

Thanks, Roger (aka Wider World).
canal.steve PRO 9 years ago
My name is Steve, I live in Lincoln, and I'm a boater and interested in waterways restoration. My main river interest is the River Slea in that I am Secretary of the restoration Trust. I also am interested in the Rivers Witham and Trent.
Welsh Harlequin PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Welsh Harlequin (member) 9 years ago
I'm Ernie (a welsh harlequin) I love rivers have been a keen angler for years, not any more unfortunately. Have posted pix of local large rivers the Severn, Bristol Avon and Somerset Frome. would like to get a few pix of other small local rivers The Bristol Frome the river Malago and the river Trym all tributaries of the Avon. Hope you enjoy them
Wider World 9 years ago
Thanks, Ernie. Your photos most welcome.
G P Cat 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Christine Bateman and my local river in Ludlow is the Teme. I am also close to the Severn and the Wye which are probably much more widely photographed.

Thanks for the code information Roger.
just1snap PRO 8 years ago
Hi, I'm Lynda and I have three rivers all close to me; the Colne, Gade and Chess in South West Hertfordshire. I look forward to adding photos.
notFlunky PRO 8 years ago

Smelly old dirty Irwell in Manchester for me
nifty12 8 years ago
Hi nifty here River Goyt near me x
Yorkshire Rascal 7 years ago
hello My name is Glynn and my river is the River Don in Rotherham
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