tmv_media PRO 11:10pm, 12 February 2009

Joined in the last few days. Live in Bristol & have a fair few shots of the river Avon.

Here are the first (of many, I expect), Tom.

#1 & #2 River Avon, flooded by combination of snow melt water, rain and, not helped by, a high tide downstream. The trees are usually near the river bank. I'll get a few in daylight after the water has subsided for comparison.
Pictures taken without a tripod and guess focussing as one of the only light sources apart from the moon, was my head torch. I couldn't go for a small aperture & set on infinity, as I had also neglected to take the remote release; so was limited to the 30 secs max, rather than bulb.



#3 - further downstream, after the 1st dusting of snow in Bristol in 2009.
BS4 - The River - snow 42

#4 The river Avon meandering through Bristol, taken from a hot air balloon, also shows some of the Floating Harbour, which is fed by the river.
clifton from the air - scan

#5 river avon taken from the Downs, looking along to the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Autumn.
the gorge
electropod 9 years ago
River Avon at Chippenham, Wiltshire
Chippenham, 1982
chris37111 PRO 9 years ago
Heron on the River Avon
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Chippenham Wilts
Chippenham Wilts
Bradford on Avon Wilts
town bridge
River Avon Bath

Saltford wier
Simply BlissSimply Bliss
St.Annes /Conham
Conham ferry
here the Feeder canal keeps the floating harbour (with the Bristol Frome farther downstream)at the correct level
The Netham (high water) lock
Bristol Bridge limits the size of vessels going upstream
Bristol bridge
Bristol floating harbour
The Matthew returns
on downsteam under the Clifton suspension bridge
End of Bristol Harbour festival
Clifton Suspension BridgeRiver Trym confluence
River Trym confluence
Pill Creek and harbour confluence with the Avon
Pill creek & Harbour
on downsteam after the M5 bridge the docks and the Severn
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