allybeag PRO 9:17pm, 13 May 2008
I'm sure I'm not the only one . . . you find yourself driving along, minding your own business when suddenly you notice a river in the distance. You screech to a halt in the nearest layby, grab your camera and rush out to take its photo, to add to the RNB pool. Yes - you have become - whisper it - a River Spotter!

But am I ashamed? No! Not I! I am proud - proud, I say, to be among this elite little band!
Wider World 10 years ago
This is so true, and not only from cars. I find myself doing much the same from trains, buses, and planes - much to the surprise of fellow travellers.

There are probably merchandising opportunities.
allybeag PRO 10 years ago
Haven't been on a plane since I joined this group, but next time . . .

The photos I uploaded yesterday showing goslings were purely down to this group. I was driving through Musselburgh and thought, "Hang on - I can take some photos of the Esk for the group!" so I took a wee detour, parked by the river, and planned just to take a few generic shots of the river and the bridge, only to find half of Scotland's goose population raising their young on the banks of the river. Eureka! I'd never have known they were there without RNB making me stop.
electropod 10 years ago
I'm afraid I've got it worse than that. I look for rivers on the map, pick a likely spot, and go there just for the photos. Is there no cure?
allybeag PRO 10 years ago
I guess I'd do exactly the same if I had the time. As it is, I try to fit photography in among everything else I do, so most of my photos just reflect my everyday life. At least I can choose to walk the dogs by a river, just for the photos. I hate having to pass likely rivers, though. On my trip back to Scotland last weekend I was forced to keep driving past many beautiful streams, as I was on a tight schedule. Why don't they put laybys in the right places for us river addicts? ;-)
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