allybeag PRO 1:26am, 1 January 2008
I came across this group by chance, and love the idea. I'm always taking photos of rivers, and going through my collection I'm amazed at how many different rivers I've photographed over the last couple of years. Hope I haven't posted too many at once, but I've tried to restrict it to just one per river at the moment!

Happy New Year everyone. I'll have a better look at everyone else's pics later.
Wider World 10 years ago
Delighted to see your photos in the pool. There are no limitations to the number of pictures you can add to the pool, other than that the name of the river is required (there are lots of wonderful pictures on Flickr of unnamed rivers which therefore don't qualify). Over time, I hope the pool can develop into a comprehensive spread of British rivers, streams, brooks, burns, gills, becks, etc,, in all their states from limpid to raging.. I look forward to your future contributions. Happy New Year!
allybeag PRO 10 years ago
I always make a point of trying to find out the name of things I take photos of, whether they be rivers, mountains or even, where possible, people!
Tudor Barlow PRO 10 years ago
I hope that this group will become a showcase for some of the smaller rivers of Britain. There are already several groups for major rivers such as the Severn, Thames and Tyne.
My own local river here in Worcestershire is the Arrow. I don't know where the name came from but I am gradually trying to photograph as much as possible of its 25 miles!
A set of images here-

There is another River Arrow which rises in Powys and flows through Herefordshire to join the Wye.

Thanks for the new group!
Wider World 10 years ago
Pictures of your Arrow are most welcome in the pool. I agree with you that, whilst not excluding the major rivers, the particular responsibility of this pool is for the smaller rivers. Indeed, I am quite interested to discover what might be the smallest water course which has merited a name. I set this as a challenge for the group.

Nearly 100 rivers are already represented in the pool. The same name used for different rivers is one of the challenges of the pool, regularly sending me scurrying back to my frustratingly inadequate maps. The repeating of names does, of course, point to their antiquity, and demonstrates that the naming was a local phenomenon, and that, once adopted, the name tended to stick.

I concluded it should be a British-wide pool because the naming of rivers dates back well before modern political boundaries, and rivers are no respecter of these boundaries (although the river may itself define the boundary).

Rivers mature down their course and change with the seasons, so I hope this can be reflected in the photos in the pool. Also, the naming of rivers relates to their relevance to humans, so photos showing their local significance: fishing, boating, etc., and, indeed, the structures and settlements created because the river is there, and the methods we have devised to get across them.

Your encouragement and support is greatly appreciated.
allybeag PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by allybeag (moderator) 10 years ago
Our nearest river is the Ellen, which may be similar to Tudor's Arrow, in that it's definitely a minor river, but has probably played quite an important part in the history of the area. Maryport was built at the place where it flows into the sea, and there are several mills and other works along its length. I have an ambition, some nice summer's afternoon, to paddle, (or wade, perhaps!), with my dogs, all the way from our nearest part of the Ellen to its estuary some 5 miles away. I suspect it may get too deep for that in some parts, but it would be fun to try! (And if I do, I shall certainly take my camera!)

Incidentally there's a very small tributary of the Ellen which flows across a field I often cross with the dogs. It's fast-flowing in winter, but some summers it dries up completely. So far as I know it's too small to merit a name, but since I'm always taking photos down in that field where the cattle graze, and that stream is often in the photos, I needed a name for it, so I have dubbed it the Cowfield Burn. I feel, in doing this, a strange connection with those ancient Britons who first settled on a name like the Clyde or the Severn.
River Ellen in spate (2)
Above - the little Cowfield Burn (actually Rose Gill) - foreground - flows into the River Ellen after some very heavy rain.
Well, there you go - I've just had a look at a proper, large-scale OS map, and discover that my little Cowfield Burn is actually called Rose Gill. Oh well. So much for that idea then.
electropod 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite, I am glad to contribute my river Tweed. Late in December, as my customer was convoying me from his site to my hotel, suddenly this breathtaking view opened up and I snatched a GPS fix. 45 minutes later, my time was my own and I dashed back to catch the last of the light. Hope the camera wasn't too shaky for you.

Among my Christmas presents was the Oxford Dictionary of British Place Names. Sad or what? Both the Arrows are said to come from Celtic/Welsh, precise meaning uncertain but some sort of river or stream. Just as happened more famously with the Avon, Anglo-Saxon settlers asked their new neighbours what that river was called, were told "river," and the word became the English name.
Tudor Barlow PRO 10 years ago
@allybeag- Nice try!

@abjdbarclay- Thanks for the info. A very useful Christmas present!
Wider World 10 years ago
This pool should be a home from home for anyone owning the Oxford Dictionary of British Place Names! Thanks for your support.
terryjh Posted 10 years ago. Edited by terryjh (member) 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite to the group - I agree it's a wonderful idea. You invited me to submit 1 photo and I submit another 8 - sorry but couldn't seem to resist! Will watch the site grow with great interest and pleasure - good luck with it!
Wider World 10 years ago
Your contributions to the pool are much appreciated. When I notice a suitable photo on Flickr I request it for the pool, but it is an open pool, so anyone can add suitable photos. As Tudor Barlow has observed above, the pool has a particular importance for the smaller water courses not covered by their own individual group.

Don't hesitate to add further photos.
chemodan 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite. Great to have a forum for the littl'uns (Rivers that is) to display their photogenic virtues!
Jackie & Dennis PRO 10 years ago
Thought we would add our compliments on a great idea for a group! Much appreciated. Jackie & Dennis
me'nthedogs PRO 10 years ago
What I fine group.
I've just stumbled across you, joined and posted a few. I have a lot of westcountry river shots in my 'stream so I'll add them from time to time.
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