Annie Mole PRO 7:08pm, 8 February 2008
Just wanted to say big thanks to Jane Findlay, the London Transport Museum's Community Curator, for giving some of us tickets to the mini-meet at the museum.

If you're coming along, this is a good place to discuss the event.

If you're not, we hope we can do an event like this or something even better in the coming months. There's a chance that some people may drop out, so please send me a message if you want to be come along.


CdL Creative PRO 11 years ago
I'm looking forward to this a lot.

And I think Jane should be applauded for daring to do it.

I went to a similar event at Kew where the venue "took a chance" (my interpretation, not theirs) and invited a few Flickr folk along one day.

I thought it worked wonderfully well. Both for the venue, who probably got some great (however indirect) PR out of it. And for the people who went that day.

It's good to see that other organisations are also willing to explore how they might engage with their "community"

Katy/BlueyBirdy PRO 11 years ago
I'm so excited about this! I've never been to the museum in my life (shocking, but I didn't even know it was there until two years ago. . .don't hurt me!) and this'll be a great way to check it out.
CdL Creative PRO 10 years ago
They went.

They saw.

They photographed.

They enjoyed

Many thanks to Jane for inviting us

And Annie and helpers for organising.

My photos, like the proverbial London bus, will be along shortly. And then all at once!

Fimb PRO 10 years ago
Huge thanks to Jane, Annie and Mike.

I had a really enjoyable afternoon.. Sorting m pics now, and can't wait to see everyone elses

James Cridland 10 years ago
Much enjoyment. Thank you all.

I've blogged about it, and my photos are here as well as within my own Flickr stream. Hope I did right there.
Annie Mole PRO 10 years ago
James, Fimb, Steve - thanks so much - it was a pleasure to run

Look forward to seeing everyone else's pictures :-)

Yes James your blogging & tagging was very right ;-)
Kradlum PRO 10 years ago
My pictures are up! Not as many as I hoped as it seems any taken at any distance suffered from a lack of light.

Thanks Annie and Jane for organising this!

Hopefully there will be some new pictures from Acton Depot in 3 weeks!
crashcalloway PRO 10 years ago
Jane, Annie and Mike, Thanks for a really nice afternoon yesterday! Had a really good time! Probably see some of you at Acton!
Katy/BlueyBirdy PRO 10 years ago
Thoroughly enjoyed myself! I'm still plowing through the 270-odd photos I took and should have them up soonish. A lot of them suffered from poor lighting though.

I took a ton of video too, but photos first!
CdL Creative PRO 10 years ago
I'm not...

... quite sure we want to inflict pictures of us scary snappers on the rest of the world.

So I've put them in my flickr folks set.

Feel free to add tags or notes to identify yourself.

Especially because I'm useless at remembering names.

Annie Mole PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Annie Mole (member) 10 years ago
Keep 'em coming. :-)

I still haven't put mine up yet from inside the museum itself - but hope to in the next couple of days and will probably blog early next week when we might have all of them up.

/Sizemore/ Posted 10 years ago. Edited by /Sizemore/ (member) 10 years ago
Hi everyone! Was really nice to meet you all on Sunday. Shoved my photos up last night so will throw them in the pool soon. I also have a little video to edit and will be blogging about the event too.

If you tag your photos TrustedPlaces too that would be great. We won't be stealing any for the TP site though, so don't worry. But if you do want to add a review here:

then we'll be giving a pro Flickr account/renewal for our favourite.

Thanks also to Jane and Annie for this. We're hoping to do something similar again soon so we'll keep you posted :)
Annie Mole PRO 10 years ago
Sorry this a bit off topic but I'm very excited

Time Out's front cover this week focussed on their Top 50 London Websites and I'm pleased to say that mine and Jag's feature as their top blogs

So if any of you get the chance to get your pictures up by the end of the week I'll do a big post at the end of the week on our meetup to make the most of the extra traffic that will come mine & Jag's way.
Katy/BlueyBirdy PRO 10 years ago
Photos are go! Videos can wait, because I've been sitting on my bum for hours sorting photos and I need sustenance.
Annie Mole PRO 10 years ago
Mike's done a post on TrustedPlaces including a video of the the day

Katy - your set is great and looking forward to seeing your video too.
Route79 10 years ago
Thanks to everybody for an extremely sociable Sunday afternoon. And thanks especially to Annie and Jane for organising! It was ace. BIG UP to the London Transport Museum!
Annie Mole PRO 10 years ago
Hey Jag, no probs & just saw your blog post with the musical slide show to the afternoon

Very good :-)
Annie Mole PRO 10 years ago
Did anyone other than me and Mike take pictures of the sketches of the refurbishment, in the little upstairs gallery? The CBS Outdoor Gallery.

I've blogged about it today as that gallery is only open until the end of March and it was really cool

We bumped into Crash up there, but not sure if he took any shots


Fimb PRO 10 years ago
Annie - I did, but didn't like how they came out.
Katy/BlueyBirdy PRO 10 years ago
Annie Mole PRO 10 years ago
Katy you rock - brill pictures and you made a nice video too - I love the Mr Scruff soundtrack - very cheerful. Why Badly Drawn Boy though? Do you just like him or was it cos of the busking connections?
Katy/BlueyBirdy PRO 10 years ago
The song was quite long and I felt that it fit (that and I didn't really feel like going through 1000-odd songs to find another one). But hey, busking connections?! It was definitely because of that then. Yep.

I felt that Blackpool Roll had too much a summer-type theme for me to use it for this, but then I realized that it could be travel-related as it also reminded me of trains for some odd reason, so I used it as well since I had a gap of silence to fill.
Annie Mole PRO 10 years ago
Cheers Katy

Badly Drawn Boy actually had a go at being a Tube busker once for a publicity stunt and didn't do that great at it ;)
Annie Mole PRO 10 years ago
Poor old Chutney Bannister only managed to take a few pictures on account of not being too well on the day.

But has just done an excellent blog post on his flickr picture of the 70's carriage
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