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Photography and the law in Indiana?

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Hawthorn M. says:

My understanding is the photography is generally covered under first amendment rights. But I confess that I don't know whether there are specific laws in Indiana that restrict or protect what people may take photos of.

Does anyone know of any resources regarding photography and the law in Indiana?
3:37PM, 29 October 2008 PDT (permalink)

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Indy Photo Coach says:

Here's a general layout of photographer rights...

I keep a copy in my bag at all times, and urge our students to do the same.
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Pearson,KyleD says:

hey, i know this was posted a while ago. Thank you so much, I just printed my copy and will have to laminate it so it stays oso fresh
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fuzzy trousers [deleted] says:

It all depends on what you are shooting and why. If you are shooting for fine art purposes, and only intend to show the work as personal/fine art then you don't need model or property releases - but if you would ever want to sell or license the image to a third-party then you would need to have said releases. This is not just Indiana law, it is intrinsic to most stock-photo type of situations or copyright implications depending on the final use of your image. I have worked in a position in educational publishing where each situation was acceptable under different circumstances. Trade publishing is even more limited to what image can be used without a model or site release. The link in this string above is fine, but doesn't address the finer points of copyright law. In the end, the best answer is: it depends. Professional organizations such as ASMP, PACA, ASPP, etc, even the Library of Congress can all provide guides for creators of artwork and how their rights are covered under different situations.
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ruth jones miller says:

I just read the photographers rights, that IndyPhotoCoach,com posted the link to. I got a chuckle out of the trains, warehouses, ect, because it made me think of my friend, Tim. He was in downtown Indy taking pics of the State House, when a cop told him to sram. Now Tim wears a shirt that says, "I'm not a terroist. I'm a photograher" !
119 months ago (permalink)

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Available_Light says:

I need to get a shirt like that! I like to shoot downtown at night quite a bit. A friend and I were shooting night HDR at the Government Center and suddenly found ourselves surrounded by State Police. To their credit, they were all courteous and professional. They didn't tell us to leave but we came to that decision on our own. Apparently, the government buildings are now considered "sensitive areas" so don't be surprised if you're asked for your ID. It's a different world now.
119 months ago (permalink)

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