emerald's dragon 3:25am, 10 February 2008
I got my Dacri for Christmas the year she came out. I also got an Erica for my birthday that year. The Darci in my pictures isn't my orignal one. I bought her on Ebay a few years ago. My orignal one had brown hair.
Bellana 9 years ago
I first saw one in a book mostly about Barbie (I live in Germany and do not know, if Darci was sold here). That was in the 90s, before I had internet. I forgot about her and now after paging through the book again, I searched the internet, found a nice website and was intrigued. There is one on the way and I am very looking forward to seeing her in person.
Bellana 9 years ago
I just unpacked my Darci. What a beautiful doll! She is so sturdy, her legs hold positions so firmly ... unlike Barbie! I am very pleased and happy, that I already bought two more, hehe ... well, all blonde.
DiscoDarci 9 years ago
when i was 14 i read about Darci in collectors book. I later found a naked beautiful one at a thrift store. circa 1993
Patty is Timeslip 8 years ago
I got a blonde & redhead Darci when I was 10 in 1978. She didn't get as much love from me then due to her size difference from Barbie. I love her now though!
JAKECopyright1986 5 years ago
I discovered Darci back in 1999/2000 when I started collecting Jem! I never collected her until now!
alllittlethings 5 years ago
I got a blonde for Christmas when I was 4 in 1979. My mom was sick of Barbie at that time and decided to get a doll for me that was more "REAL" and Darci is more real. She was the mom to the other Barbies I got as a kid. I still have my Darci, but lost her things along the way, and has been well loved (child abuse). Her right hand got the thumb cut off because it got hooked in the Barbie clothes(Bought a cheap doll and swapped hands to give mine her thumb back (yeah!). Tried cutting the edges of her feet to fit in smaller shoes, learned quickly that wasn't happening, so she wore Ken's tennis shoes (now has several pairs of hers (if it's on your mind, it's on EBay ;). Have been saying along the way, I'm not starting a collection, now, I have 6 and 8 more live next door.
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