Sweaty Pits

Gary @ the Crossroads PRO 12:51pm, 4 August 2010
Just Curious, How do you prefer your tasty treats? Really Ripe? As in haven't showered in days. Or, Fresh sweat? as in right after a workout. Guess the question is, dripping or dried up? Wondering how everyone else likes them tasting.?
hothouserex 7 years ago
I like some funk, but not days of not washing - ripe, but not overly so. Fresh sweat is the best - damp pits right after a workout would get me hard in a hot minute.
ronconrcn 7 years ago
I love pits, turns me on the smell of sweaty pits. maybe that's why I am always horny at the gym smelling those guys passing by with ripe pits. hmmmmmm :)
I do think it's the fresh sweat that is the best. A hot guy working right in front of you. Creating that sweat right before your eyes (or nose), then you dive right in and get some. YUM!!! The smell, the taste...............pure man
tjozf1 [deleted] 7 years ago
I agree Gary and Rex, fresh sweat but might I add, NO DEODORANT OR PERFUME is the ultimate. I like fresh funk but like my pit-man showered and clean, at least after last nights pit fuckkkin
A mouthfull of deodarant is awful, no matter how hot the man. If I wanted to smell perfume or cologne, I'ld be with a woman.
lick69 7 years ago
I agree gents, fresh ripe is the best or maybe even one day of ripeness!!
Fetor Axillae 7 years ago
I have admit that as far as pit stink goes... the riper the better. Funky fresh gym sweat is fine, but give me a man that skips 3-4 days and no deo who you can smell from 2-3 meters away!
hairy_armpit_addict 7 years ago
For me, if he has a shower in the morning, then no deodorant, he is just about perfect by 6pm or so . .. works every time!
Everyone likes something different. From one end of the spectrum to the other. That's great, everyone can find what they like. We all have one thing in common: WE LIKE THE REAL SMELL OF A MAN!!! YUM!
strapperTO 7 years ago
Well, I agreee with Alex. Actally, I'd love a partner who NEVER washed his pits: just his ass. We'd merge our wardrobes, and enjoy wearing each other's stink all day, every day. The switch shirts, etc....
tjozf1 [deleted] 7 years ago
I LOVE all Man-parts, hairy, furry, clean and natural, Sprays and Deo's drive me friggin crazy, taste bad man, leave the Deo and Axe for the bar scene when trying to pick up chicks...
nycjock7 7 years ago
i agree. a shower in the am or the night before and a nice workout= a nice aroma by 6pm
armpityf [deleted] 6 years ago
same like how nycjock7 likes them. a shower before sleep and no deodorant. Just nice the the next morning ,with just the pheromones
richardYVR1991 [deleted] 6 years ago
My favorite is ripe fresh sweat after a day in the hot sun or work out. My I also love 3 days haven't showered man smell. it drives me wild.
theshawnster23 [deleted] 6 years ago
I like them as ripe as they can be.
Jim_in_Briefs 6 years ago
One day without deodorant is as much as I have sniffed and licked, wish I had a buddy into it. I would probably try longer if I knew the guy. I do have a fantasy of licking the sweat off a guys balls and his pits right after he had finished a workout, jog or been cycling.
sweatypitluver 6 years ago
I like them however they come as long as they are deordorant free. I do love the smell a man gives off after at least couple of days, it is a deeper more masculine odor and makes you tingle deep down. The kind of smell that marks you as his when you wear his cloths or rub your face in his pits!
dh0202 6 years ago
Ripe, wet, and hairy!
scottndc2002 6 years ago
I think I would have to agree with dh0202- hot, ripe, wet and the more hair the better.
Artos Farmer [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Artos Farmer (member) 6 years ago
Fresh, wet are fine but one day without a shower is a real turn on for me.
hothouserex 6 years ago
Been way too long since I've had the chance to get my nose and tongue into a hot, wet, ripe man's pit - fuck, just the thought gives me wood, need a good horny sweaty man to get off with!
tjozf1 [deleted] 6 years ago
Just got home from a long hot day in the kitchen Rex, Being a chef I work hard and over a lot of heat, LOVE to let you explore my furry pits and... with your hungry tongue.
matt1981x 6 years ago
I like fresh sweat - a shower right before a hot and horny fuck session where the armpit hair gets all wet and sweaty from hard-core sexual activity, and then the smell and taste is of pure raw male testosterone pumping out of his armpits and making the hair wet, tangled and matted.
LolMen PRO 6 years ago
After i get home from my daily three hour session i love smellin my Sweaty Pits And not showerin is ace you sniff your pits and you just want to fuck them
martin770712 6 years ago
Yeah I love sniffing my own sweaty pits too, when i've been working or wanking for 3 days or so without a shower, they just make me want to masturbate.
skyojack PRO 6 years ago
Love the way mine smell. The wife....not so keen.
LolMen PRO 6 years ago
i like to sweat and@night i just wanna fuck my pits
lasherated 5 years ago
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