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  • Shelf life of solutions

    I am a cyanotype virgin and will be mixing up the classic (25g ferric ammonium c...

    120-1272 months ago2 replies

  • Beautiful Images

    I joined your group just to keep up with your photos. Fantastic inspiration. You...

    Utchat2 months ago0 replies

  • Color tint or black and white?

    I've read that you should add a color tint to the digital negative rather than u...

    edkeer3 months ago5 replies

  • New cyanotype book

    Hi, I wrote a book about Cyanotype. Easy step by step - from basics to printin...

    Peter Mrhar6 months ago3 replies

  • London Alternative Photography Collective

    Fancy sharing cyanotype tips and processes with other Londoners? Come to the ...

    MelanieK_7 months ago0 replies

  • paper negatives

    Is anyone else using paper negatives? I found some old tracing paper that is pre...

    James Harr's Photos7 months ago15 replies

  • Examples of my cyanotypes [VIDEO] I thought I posted this video a while bac...

    djgeorgie8 months ago0 replies

  • How important is distilled water to Cyanotypes?

    Do I really need to use distilled water for my chemicals? I live in quite a chal...

    the matt18 months ago3 replies

  • fake cyanotypes

    I've noticed a trend recently of clearly digital pics being posted as cyanotypes...

    brownie camera guy8 months ago2 replies

  • shelf life of Mike Ware's solution

    I find that I am having a lot of issues with shadow tones and middle tones recen...

    brownie camera guy8 months ago1 replies

  • ceramics

    Am interested in trying cyanotype on ceramics. Have seen several posts of such ...

    rbbrfish9 months ago1 replies

  • inkjet or laser?

    new to cyanotypes and digital negatives but i was curious what gives better resu...

    seesinb&w15 months ago0 replies

  • First public exhibit of my cyanotypes

    This month I'm publicly exhibiting my cyanotypes for the first time in the annua...

    Photo de nuit16 months ago1 replies

  • Black tea

    I read recently,that soaking the dried cyanotype in strong tea (not Earl Grey) f...

    cool-baby20 months ago2 replies

  • Yellowed highlights, poor contrast range.

    Hi, I just tried my first cyanotype prints today and while they came out lookin...

    Darragh Corrigan23 months ago4 replies

  • New to cynotypes

    Hi all, I have just printed my first cyno. here it is: My first cynotype Now my question is: ...

    Eran Shpigelman24 months ago2 replies

  • printing digital negs with epson 1400!?

    hi and hallo! i'm now an owner of a new epson stylus photo 1400. with this pr...

    polyphren27 months ago1 replies

  • Free Tool for Digital Negatives

    ChartThrob works with Photoshop CS2 (or later) to calibrate your printing proces...

    What Photos Look Like29 months ago6 replies

  • image disappearing in the wash

    all the cyanotypes i've been doing today have not been turning out. i can see a ...

    formica32 months ago10 replies

  • Do I belong ?

    Just popped in due to a recent image I post-processed. There is a lot of disc...

    Jack High32 months ago4 replies

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