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igobylorib ADMIN August 18, 2010
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Group Description

it's all about craft, creativity, unity & swapping...of course!

Eligible Swappers

Rules & Guidelines

welcome to the five things group. THe hostess will come up with a theme and have 6 players in her swap. Each player will create five things in that theme and send them to the host who packages them all up and sends each person back a nifty package with five handmade things! Sound fun? of course! come play with us!

**please note , you must agree to the rules before participating in any swap. All persons who play, must play honestly and with integrity. This is an international group so know that shipping costs come into play. Postage prices have gone up quite a bit so try to think light. Please refrain from sending large, awkward or heavy items.
let the creativity begin!

Group Rules


-5 thingers may only participate in 3 swaps at a time. Once your item has been received by the hostess, you can then sign up for a new swap, but the limit must always be 3.

- 5 thingers may only host one swap at a time. That swap will count as one of your 3.

-Each swap we will only have one group of 6 sending in 5 items. If you miss the sign up and are eligible to host, start another one. I think multiple groups is the cause of some of our problems.

-The hostess will assign a MAIL BY DEADLINE (your package must be postmarked by the day the hostess selects) which should be atleast 4 weeks from the date you start sign-ups. Since the postal service has been awful lately, it's hard to have a "get to me" by date.

-As a hostess, you must update your swap thread when packages have been received. Please do this in a timly fashion so people aren't left wondering.

-Unactive / new 5 thingers must participate in 3 swaps before they can host their own swap.

-Every particpant in a swap MUST send the hostess postage / money / payment for her return package. It should not be the hostess responsiblity to pay for your return package. I try to send double what it cost me to mail out. Please use your best judgement.

-A hostess will have the right to post whether her swap is US only or International. If it becomes US only, another 5 thinger can post a duplicate international swap.

(This is being done because I have heard too many people use finacial reasons for not mailing back packages. I completely understand the cost of postage so I want to see if this rule helps. This can be a temporary rule as I DO NOT want our group divided :)

Swaps will be listed as:
IN PROGRESS ( when you have a full group)
FINISHED (when all participants have received packages back)

And ofcourse the old standby rules:

-All objects MUST be handmade

-Please remember to post pictures of your items and packages, sent AND received. Flickr likes that :)

-Please tag all pictures with "five things" along with the name of the swap.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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