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Welcome Sony A100, A200, A350 and A700 owners to SONY ALPHA CLUB! I would like to thank you for joining this group and please support me and other SONY ALPHA users in this group. Have fun!


  • 30/60 Posting Limit.

    The limit still exists in this group. For me it is not acceptable and I think th...

    Wulf Dieter Vogl18 months ago0 replies

  • Flickr's Future

    There seems to be quite a stir about the purchase of Flickr by SmugMug. I’ve ...

    tomcomjr18 months ago0 replies

  • Alpha 77ii Battery life

    Is it only me that has issues with the sony battery life? I hardly can take 250 ...

    Claude Tomaro19 months ago1 replies

  • What if your eyesight is limited?

    Hello with the increase of people doing videos to be posted in Social Media sit...

    mimiagurciae19 months ago0 replies

  • No limit

    Hello, Flickr limits the number of groups to which a photo may be submitted. ...

    p.franche burn out22 months ago0 replies

  • I'm considering to buy a new lens

    Hello. PHotography is a hobby for me, I have an a35 with mostly used lenses from...

    mimiagurciae27 months ago7 replies

  • Blue Bias

    Hi Folks- My camera shows a bias for blue under low light conditions. For exa...

    Thru the Lookin Glass45 months ago2 replies

  • A6000 L-bracket Recommendations?

    I recently added an A6000 to my arsenal (the Sony takeover has continued, althou...

    aim54x46 months ago0 replies

  • Sony and their services

    I recently made a blog post addressing what seems to be a “sell and forget” ...

    Jørgen Guldmann47 months ago1 replies

  • Help/Advice

    Apologies if this frustrates people! I have been a precvious Sony slr owner. I ...

    chillidogsnoop1252 months ago2 replies

  • Selling a used camera and need some help.

    Hey guys, I don't know much about buying and selling used cameras, and was wo...

    BSekoski52 months ago3 replies

  • will an a5000 trigger an external flash?

    I realize the a3000 has a hot shoe but like the compact quality(and price right ...

    scottsfstop53 months ago2 replies

  • Sony A7r and Elinchrom D-Lite Compatibility

    Does anyone know if the Elinchrom Skyport transmitter that comes with the D-Lite...

    Nic Taylor Photography53 months ago0 replies

  • Sony Alpha5000 remote trigger

    Hi Fellas! Just wanna pick ur brains on something!!! Can the Sony Alpha 5000 be ...

    wolvi_ak57 months ago0 replies

  • Carl Zeiss

    Are the Carl Zeiss lenses really worth the high prices? I just purchased a A77 a...

    JamesTPhoto60 months ago13 replies

  • SAL30M28 on full frame?

    I was just wondering if anyone has used this lens on full frame without crop mod...

    aim54x60 months ago6 replies

  • Do you need anti vibration in the lens with a Sony Alpha camera

    I cant seem to find the answer to this question anywhere. Is anti shake or whate...

    greenac160 months ago5 replies

  • Sony Zeiss 16-80mm lens

    Hi, I couldn't determin from the guidelines if it's okay to sell a lens here,...

    jkross2263 months ago4 replies

  • Sony A900 and A65 Stolen

    All – My Camera bag along with laptop is stolen last Sunday morning [Bangalore...

    Vidhy_S68 months ago2 replies

  • Where do videos get stored on a memory card?

    I've had my A57 for a couple of years and shot video for the first time today -...

    Martin Hardman70 months ago2 replies

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