zesty quiet [deleted] 4:11am, 4 September 2006
I really love trains. But i esp love to hear the train whistle. It's nostalgic and i have no idea why.
I don't think i'd be very happy if i never lived near used tracks.

I have only rode as passenger 2xs out to San Fran and to Seattle. Both trips were fun and i spent the majority of time in the Observation car (some times until 3am talking to others).
I had a surreal moment when traveling thru Utah...it was night and about midnight-and i looked out the window and it felt as if i was on another planet..the moon was boucning off the terran (sp?) in a way that made it appear we were moving on water. Very cool.

I like watching trains roll by and have decided to try and get some schedules so i can take planned pics.

I've always wanted to hop a train and see where it takes me, as well i secretly want to be a conductor.

So what's everyone elses story?
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I guess everyone else's stories are very dull as nobody seems to want to talk about it.

Like you, I love living near the railway, I live next to a station at present, the closest I've ever lived to an active line. I have almost always lived within earshot though and it is the sound of the railways that I love the most. As a kid I used to go to sleep listening to the clickety clack of the express and freight trains in the distance. Also, I am male and it seems to be in the blood. Last Saturday whilst window hanging from the back of a train, I saw a young 2/3 year old boy in his mothers arms waiting for us to pass and he just had the biggest smile ever.

My biggest regret is that I am not a train driver.
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