Rain-In-The-Face 2:44am, 9 September 2009
Yercaud is, still, not a chosen destination from Bangalore as yet. Which is not to say that you will be alone, just that it usually is the last choice of most. One of the reasons could be the fact that the drive to Yercaud can be rather boring for some. Except for the last 29 kms from Salem. That drive is spectacular especially in the late evening. The total driving distance from Bangalore is little over 210 kms.

Yercaud is in "season" throughout the year, however, the summer months and Christmas to Pongal are when hotel rates go up to meet the school vacation rush. If you're going during the non-rush periods, there are plenty of options that will give you a place to stay once you get there. For those who want to splurge, there are the Sterling Resorts & GRT Sky Roca. The mid-range Shevaroys & Grand Palace are excellent options. For more, click here.
Lucid Illusions 12 years ago
Thanks, The places of stay are helpful too ... I'll mail you for the contact info
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