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Down memory lane | First road trip | where's yours?

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Lucid Illusions is a group administrator Lucid Illusions says:

Originally posted at 4:49AM, 12 May 2008 PST (permalink)
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c_p_lew says:

What a wonderful road trip. Where did you go?

My first road trip isn't documented with pictures - I drove with a bunch of high school friends to Virginia in the US to see a total solar eclipse in 1968 or 69!
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vineeth.ys is a group moderator vineeth.ys says:

The Nilgiris? and driving the good old premier, great car for potholed roads!! u still got the negatives?

Cant remember my first..too many during school days..but they all were wit folks or organized trips, which i guess doesn't qualify...

Bike trip to Shivanasamudra was my first proper independent trip...prints must be buried somewhere deep down my cupboard...most memorable part of the trip? sore butt :P
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Lucid Illusions is a group administrator Lucid Illusions says:

this was to yelagiri .. back in '97 ... not so long ago as compared to 68-69 :o)

my friend was the photographer then and he should have the negatives still ... trying to dig up more of the early drives ... again scanning them is so time-consuming ...
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Z E E S H A N N O F I L says:

my first trip was to digha, west bengal in 1998. afraid, don't have those photos with me.
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_Veeresh says:

Bro lovely collection... I need to scan my photos.... will do that soon.
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Rain-In-The-Face is a group moderator Rain-In-The-Face says:

My first road trip was to Coimbatore. To show off my 2 day old car to my parents who were visiting. On the way back we took the "scenic" route from Mettur dam. No photos.

The first real was to Munnar. All photos here.
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Debanjan Das Gupta says:

Mine was to Devarayandurga after I got my car in 2001 - I think I spotted the prints a few days back - will scan and share here..
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Greg - AdventuresofaGoodMan.com says:

I spent my childhood traveling to Europe and even made it as far as Israel and Egypt with my parents once. Took a bunch of road trips in college from DC to Florida and New Orleans.

But my first "real" backpacking trip was in 2005 when I sold all my stuff, quit my job and lived in Nicaragua for 7 months volunteering.

Since then I've quit it all again to backpack through Central America by bus and more recently Southeast Asia and India.

Most recently, I packed up my crappy old car and headed from NYC to San Francisco via Route 66.

All of the stories and photos from these adventures and more are on my personal porfolio site, Adventures of a GoodMan: World Travel Photography and Stories by Greg Goodman.
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Lucid Illusions is a group administrator Lucid Illusions says:

route66 sounds like a fun way to travel in the US ... your site is really good
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