I'd love to see what others are pulling from their scraps and stashes for this quilt-a-long.
Bunny Lane Designs 8 years ago
i will be using my giant stash of vintage fabrics! making mine antique looking w/ blue sashes instead of white :)
sames5 8 years ago
I am blindly pulling from my scraps and stash. Going to try to use scraps first. Yea!!! Cannot wait to get started!
darkoakwoman 8 years ago
Last summer my mom cut me out a ton of 2.5 inch strips of every floral she had in her massive stash. I'm going to pair those with some of my more solid-ish looking fabrics for my 9-patches!

ann-marie s. 8 years ago
I'm going to pull out my scraps and start cutting :)
Extraordinarily_Laura Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Extraordinarily_Laura (member) 8 years ago
I'm starting May 1st and I'm doing scrappy. If I run out of fabrics I'll cut favorite bits from my stash.
inosine 8 years ago
I'm also just pulling out of my stash. I'm trying for a blue theme, but we'll see how that goes.

I decided to make "twins" everyday. And by that I mean making two blocks that have the same two colors but opposite color placement. It seems like less work than making two unrelated blocks :-P
I like your twin idea...efficient!
hiskids37 8 years ago
Inosine, you are smart! I'm going to copy your idea and do the same thing, especially since I'm doing this quilt x2 for my two littlest kids.
Erin K Creatoins 8 years ago
I'm working from my stash too.

I just realized that everyone is doing two patterns per block and mine each have 9 patterns. I'm not sure I'm happy with that.

I'm also considering making all my center blocks white too.

I'm just unsure.

But I did upload my first two. My original plan was to have each block in some of my favorite color combos, but no relationship between the blocks.
lizziwhizz PRO 8 years ago
I've decided in a fit of craziness to make this a king sized quilt for my mother for her birthday (July 24). I figure I'll need roughly twice the blocks. I sorted my scraps by color today. I'm going to use light colors, nothing too acid/bright, and NO BLUE. Mom doesn't like blue, and her entire bedroom is blue, and she promises she is going to finally have it redone this summer, so hopefully this quilt will be a part of it. I'm going to work at a pace of closer to two or three blocks a day, I think!
Erin K Creatoins 8 years ago
I'm also going to try for a king sized quilt, so two at least a day for me too. :)

This is going to be fun.
goddessinprogress 8 years ago
I don't have a real plan yet. Probably sticking with a somewhat "modern" color palate, for whatever that means. :-) I'm thinking I'll stay away from real bright things, but who knows? We'll see how it goes.

I'm going to photograph once a week on Wednesdays and update on my blog: www.teenytinyquilts.com
mandalin18 8 years ago
I'm pairing up charm squares, which of course will only yield eight 2.5" squares. So, my centres are going to be all the same, and maybe the sashing will be the same as the centre also. Haven't quite made up my mind on that though.
DIDIBLOG2009 8 years ago
I haven't the slightest clue about what I want it to look like at the end so i'll just start pulling from my stash and start sewing, lol even though i like the idea of sewing "twin blocks" , may try it!
bisongirl PRO 8 years ago
I think I'm going to use all red and greens. I've always wanted a Christmas quilt :) I made Amanda's tree shirt in red/green and love it so I'm hopeful that his will work out well too!
namawsbuzyquiltn PRO 8 years ago
I like the idea of May 1 for a start, thats only 2 days away LOL
I won the stash contest for Fat Quarter World so I guess its time I use it up. I could probably make 2000 9 patches, Oh maybe I am a stash horder.
rebeccasrags 8 years ago
I will be using my 30s and 40s reproduction fabric, I have lots of little scraps leftover from a quilt I made my Mother-in-law. I have three squares done, I will post pictures weekly. I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.
sardawson 8 years ago
I'm using stash fabric until I have to buy more. Today I sewed three blocks using two fabrics and strip-piecing. I have two identical blocks and one fraternal twin:) I'll post pictures in a bit. I figure, I will make three squares every other day since the sashing will probably take me forever! I've never done it before:) Instead of going for a theme, I am just pulling color pairs willy nilly. Though, I am trying to coordinate the pairs with each other.
All Momas Quilt 8 years ago
I think, I´m going to use scraps only. Or at least stash! I´ve decided to cut 11 or 12 squares of every fabric . I´m going to use nine squares for two ninepatch, four in one and five in the other, and the rest is for the border. Right now I just feels like make lots of blocks, but then it´s not a quilt along, so I´m not going too.
Krista35 8 years ago
I've pulled from my stash and am making reverse twins of each block. I pretty much sticking with pinks, yellow -greens, and blue-greens. I'm a little short on the blue greens though so might have to add to my stash.
boutiqueginabeana 8 years ago
I am using some of my vintage sheet FQ's from the swap I hosted last year. I don't think I have enough though. I am using sheets with purple, blue, and green. I will also be using new (from my stash) fabrics that read more solid to pair with the sheet fabric. I started cutting this morning. After I sew up a few I will add pics, also I may need to call in favors for a little more of the sheets. I would swap new or vintage sheet fabric if anyone is interested :)
nichole.pyle PRO 8 years ago
I decided to just use fabrics from my stash. I'm also trying to use up what I can from my scrap bins as well. I'm just going to pair two colors and see where it gets me. I'm hoping to have a different combination in every block.
bearcreekquilter 8 years ago
A while back I participated in a 30's noodle swap. I will be making mine from those strips. I am cutting 3, 13" strips from each noodle. This yeilds 3 blocks. 2 of one layout and one of the other with one extra set of three squares that I plan to use in a pieced border. So if I do this 3 times a week I will be alittle ahead but that is ok. I plan on making my sashing be 2 1/2" also and putting a setting square into the sashing. This will make the quilt look similar to a single irish chain of sorts.
lovsdogs 8 years ago
I'll be using my stash/scraps. I want to make it as scrappy looking as possible so I'm going to set a rule of not repeating a fabric more than twice. I'll be starting tonight and I can't wait.
Erin Learns to Quilt 8 years ago
Im going to try to use as many different fabrics as possible - bright, pastel, country - all of my scraps!
featherstone26 [deleted] 8 years ago
I am using a combination of charm squares cut into fourths and scraps from my scrap bag. My colors are more earthy: brown, red, greens, golds, some blue. I plan to use a cream fabric for the sashings. I think one of the reasons the original is so successful is because of the high contrast between the blocks and the sashing -- the blocks really *pop*.
Grey Cat Quilts 8 years ago
I started off with what little was in my scraps. Now, I'll be going for a unique color combination in each nine patch, but no theme. The first fabrics I'll use will be the ones I have the least of in my stash.
dakotacityquilter 8 years ago
I had a box of 2.5" noodles I broke into, and have pulled pieces of stash out to cut into. A noodle for me, a noodle for the box!
Frogdancer PRO 8 years ago
I started with my scraps, thinking that I'd make a dent in it. I've decided to use each fabric only once.
I had enough 'scraps' to make over half the 9 patches for this quilt.... and I can't see any difference in my scraps boxes!!
Next, I start on the bigger pieces of fabric. I'm planning this quilt to be like a summary of all the fabrics I've used in my first 18 months of quilting.
I don't have a big enough stash yet...so I'm using what I can from what I have, but will have to buy some too - poor me! I've decided on some 'rules' though, but I still want it to look scrappy-ish so am not intending to buy any more than a fat quarter of each fabric I use. I want a fairly bright, contemporary colourscheme and seem to have chosen quite a few Kaffe Fasset designs, unintentionally!
My rules are on my blog www.stephanieboon.co.uk/narrativeself/index.php/2009/05/n..., if you're interested!
Love this community thing - sharing is so good.
I am going to try to stick strictly to my scrap bin. I have a lot of scraps and would like to get rid of a lot of them. We will see how it goes. If I have to I'll dig into my FQ stash.
LoveBugStudios PRO 8 years ago
For one project, I'm using batik strips that were sent to me as a gift recently. For another, I will be pulling from the 2.5" scrap bin. :)
Spareminute Cottage 8 years ago
I first started with scraps that were brights and greens I have plans on hanging this quilt in my sewing room.Last night I had the bright idea to do a second quilt in a red white and blue theme.
hmsohly 8 years ago
I had a recess charm pack as the core and some navy blue linen and dark, natural linen. . . I'm hoping it works.
darkoakwoman 8 years ago
hmsohly, that sounds very nice!

I must confess that every time I come look at the pictures I think about starting another one! Would be a lovely way to thin my stash out!!

jensmom93 8 years ago
I am Using some 2 .5 inch strips i purchased. I also purchased a fat quarter bundle of Hello Betty fabrics. They are so beautiful, that I cannot bring myself to cut them yet. Everyone's blocks look great.

brittquilts 8 years ago
I have 2 Pop Garden charm packs I'm pairing with tone on tone fabrics from my stash. It is turning out SO cheerful. I love it!
sarahjb2007 8 years ago
As a Yahoo Stashbuster, i'm definitely using only stash for this one. I have a Huggies container almost full of 2.5" squares and I'm using the ones that have 4 or 5 that match. When I run out of those, I'll use Billie Lauder's quick nine-patch method. I have another box of 2.3" strips but I think I'll save those for another project.
kaylynne 8 years ago
How many should we have made by now? I am playing catch up ...I think.
sames5 8 years ago
I think today marks the end of week 2....so you should have 14 blocks. Me? I have 6!
kaylynne 8 years ago
ok... i AM playing catch up. I think I have about 10...so I guess I am not going too bad:-) Thanks
beachblythe 8 years ago
I have a bunch of 3 1/2 " squares of mostly reproduction 30's and 40's fabric that I have been using (very very very slowly) to make yo yos for a queen size quilt. I will never get beyond a pillow at the pace I am going. They are now going to be used to make a couple lap sized or twin sized quilts. I will adjust to fit my squares. I have wanted to make my neices/nephew quilts and now I am!!!
jellybeansdesign 8 years ago
im working on scrappy but i so need to catch up... i have none done!
OnePinkHippo 8 years ago
At Hancock Fabrics, they combine all their remnants and misc. fabrics and ribbons and such, stuff it in a giant trash bag and sell it for $10! Some are remnants and are too small to make anything, but I found a nice fat quarter.

It's great to get rid of the stash. Then we can make room for more! :]
SarahQuilts 8 years ago
I started off planning to make a lap quilt only using two "mini" jelly rolls that I got for free at a shop-hop. They were only 10 strips each.

Then, I got talked into making a full sized quilt, so I'm trying for either 110 or 120 nine-patches all together. I don't have much in the way of scraps so instead I went through all of my fabric and cut one strip from each.

I have enough fabric cut now and was driving myself crazy trying to mix and match. I've sewn 26 blocks so far. My latest strategy is to pick 12 piles (5 squares) of fabric and put them in pairs, this gives me 6 nine-patches in about an hour.
QuilterMomOf3 8 years ago
I know I'm posting really late, but I just found this quilt-along, and I want to join.
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