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D700 vs. D7000

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LittleMariePhotographie says:

Looking into upgrading cameras from my D50... I've had several people recommend both cameras over the other. Can someone explain the exact difference between the two other than about $1000 difference and the dx vs. fx sensor format? Which would you recommend for mainly newborn, children, and family photography? After having a friend ask if I'd shoot his wedding, it's possible that wedding photography might be in my future also.
12:00PM, 14 April 2011 PDT (permalink)

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kimek65 says:

the d700 is a full frame camera. I would go with the D700
63 months ago (permalink)

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*-ishtar-* says:

Depends... What lens do you own? If mostly DX - stick with it and go with the D7000. Otherwise, I would go with the D700 too.
62 months ago (permalink)

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