Leslie Aston 7:45pm, 18 September 2011
Hi all,

I really enjoy reading about people's visits to salons for shampoo and sets, and as well being good stories to read, many have been good sources of information as to where the good places are to get a roller set.

Thanks to especially to Andrea for the stories and information!
Jane Harris 5 years ago
I have been to Danuta and it is very friendly, a little small but friendly. I do so hope you enjoy your time there.
rollerspins 5 years ago
Where are these places? UK?
Jane Harris 5 years ago
Danuta is in Wolverhampton near Birmingham. Google it and you will find the details. More importantly phone and make an appointment for a shampoo and set.
rollerspins 5 years ago
What sort of salon and staff are there? Clearly happy to do men?
Jane Harris 5 years ago
Yes they are happy to do men, I think I cut the ice as it were by being the first to go to Danuta closely followed by Andrea of course who was also may welcome I understand.

Simply phone and ask to book a shampoo and set, to check your concerns ask if they are happy to do men (Danuta is) just for your own peace of mind. When you attend, if you have an enjoyable experience, if it is what you want from a salon visit it is essential to book another set whist you are there, then you will be able to have a standing weekly appointment just like the million of ladies who have gone before you. Very importantly leave a good tip, however don't over do it as that can look out of the ordinary, but don't be mean.

There is nothing more femme in your diary than have a weekly shampoo and set appointment.

For those of you in the SE of England looking for a shampoo and set phone La Vivienne in Station Road, Hornchurch. Jenny who set me was great, I was treated exactly the same as the ladies. I visited La Vivienne a number of times last year and was made very welcome. Chatting with the ladies and engaging in some of the highly charged language only found in a ladies hairdressers, it was great.

If any genuine shampoo and set seekers wish to correspond further then please message me and I will endeavour to help you.
john_brown1001 5 years ago
Any nice patterned or flowery gowns Jane, or just big black sheets?
Jane Harris 5 years ago
La Vivienne has nice flowery gowns. I was put in one as soon as I arrived and then sat with the other ladies waiting to be shampooed. It was however removed when I was put under the dryer.
Leslie Aston 5 years ago
Hi everyone,

I visited Danuta for a cut, shampoo and set after reading Andrea and Jane's comments about their visits, and I really enjoyed the experience - so much so I booked another appointment while I was there! (for a colour, shampoo and set)

I've noticed some other salons in the WV postcode area that look like the kind of places that group members may be interested in - they are : Bollywood, Gwyneth, Jenny Lou & Nikki. They all have old-fashioned dryers with visors - the last two in dryer banks.

I haven't had a set in these salons, but I think they are worth considering...have any members visited or contacted them before? If not, I think It's worth googling them for details & having a look...!
Jane Harris 5 years ago
Nikki is very near to Danuta, I actually popped in there after my set and asked to book a shampoo and set. The lady said yes but not that day so do give that one a try. At Jenny Lou I recieved a very firm No men here thank you. To which I poltly replied thank you and then left. Such a shame as it has so great qualites. As for Gwyneth or Bollywood I can not say so someone do pop in and sort it for us all.
Leslie Aston 5 years ago
Thank you for the info Jane - it's always a shame to get refused, but as long as they aren't mean about it it's OK...I once phoned about having a set in Susan's in West Brom, and after being put on hold, the lady came back and said "Sorry dear, we don't do men here" and sounded so apologetic it was a real shame!

I'm glad you got a more positive response at Nikki's - sounds like it's worth a try...
Jane Harris 5 years ago
Hi Leslie, yes you must book an appointment.
kimmtv 5 years ago
It's been a while since my last salon set and to my dismay on attempting to make an appointment today I have discovered that the Salon I have been visiting for the last 10 years has changed hands and is now a trendy modern place which I have no desire to visit. It tends to take a while to feel relaxed in a salon and to have the mutual one to one respect from one's hairdresser. So to fast track the process I now ask for the group's help in recommending a friendly salon in Central Scotland who are comfortable doing sets and highlights on men / Tgirls. All help appreciated. PM me if you wish!!
aly purdie 4 years ago
kimm have u found any yet im also from central scotland
Kaphood 4 years ago
Does anyone know of any salons in the northwest that use pvc gowns?
Phantomj1 Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Phantomj1 (member) 3 years ago
does anyone know old fashion salon near newbury berks,where I could get a perm and set
iona skye 3 years ago
there must be a salon somewhere that will give a guy a shampoo and set in central scotland let us all know if you know of one
iona skye Posted 3 years ago. Edited by iona skye (member) 3 years ago
Jane Harris:

hi jane do you go dressed to the hair dressers? do you think your hair dresser would do a guy if not dressed
Jane Harris 3 years ago

No I don't go dressed and yes I am certain my hairdresser would give a guy a shampoo and set.
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