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EightBitTony PRO 5:24pm, 24 February 2015
I've got a lot of JPGs from 2013, and some unprocessed RAWs from 2014 which have the power station in them. Most are from Attenborough Nature Reserve, some are intentionally of the power station, and some it's just present.

I've not uploaded a lot of them to Flickr (I tend to only upload a small selection of what I shoot in general). I'm more than happy processing the ones I can find and uploading them, so they can be added to the group, if you want.

Some of them are going to look pretty similar and they're not going to be what I consider 'great' photos.

EightBitTony PRO 3 years ago
Aha, I've just read the full set of rules, I'll try and whittle them down to the more unique high quality ones.
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