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Anyone know what happened at the power station Sunday 21st oct 07

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norman18grp says:

While on my boat at Sawley Lock yesterday afternoon ,
I heard 2 loud pops followed by a loud roar not unlike the sound of a 757 hitting reverse thrust when landing at East Midlands Airport except this roar continued for half an hour or more.
what this would have sounded like close to the station I shudder to think.
All I could think was a high pressure steam pipe must have burst ?

Anyone know ?
2:17PM, 22 October 2007 PDT (permalink)

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d_alun_b says:

Norman, I helped build this place !
what you probably heard was the safety valves discharging. If for some reason they have to take a unit off-line in a hurry there's a lot of energy stored in the boiler that has to go somewhere. Half an hour sounds about right.
38 years ago I took a group of school kids into one of the cooling towers (it was off-line but had only just gone off) and it was an amazing sight. If you think those towers are impressive from the outside you should see them on the inside .... wow.
It took me ages to get those kids to stop taking pictures and come out again.
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Old Sawley Youth is a group administrator Old Sawley Youth says:

I seem to recall a similar noise circa 1966/7 when the place was being commissioned. Loud, even from Sawley, and repeated over many days.

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