great group

Jo Sanderson-Mann 11:21am, 13 October 2007
I have just discovered this group, and looked at all 220 photos! It is amazing how many good pohtos there are, powerstations are obviously very photogenic. Great idea for a group as well
Lensman2007 11 years ago
Hi all,
As a newbie to this group, I was intrigued by the intro from your admin. As a native of Nottingham, I used to travel past the power station on my way to work at the East Midlands Airport (which I did for nearly 28 years).
Firstly, yes I do have pics of the power station. Secondly, they're all on film, and I don't have the scanner I want to be able to download the more recent pics I took all on black & white infra-red film around Redhill Marina.
I recently saw a pic in one of the Sunday supplements which advertises aa car, but they've used a 'doctored' background depicting what I instantly recognised as the ROS station, which I thought intriguing as the road in the pic has a central barrier fence and double white lines, which the A453 doesn't have along that stretch of road.
Looking forward to seeing more photos. I might even go out specially to take some of my own.
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