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Old Sawley Youth ADMIN January 25, 2015
1400 photos as of 25th January 2015! Thanks, all!

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A large power station close to the M1 junction 24 in the English Midlands. That's the factual bit.

You may see it as a blot on the landscape but it keeps your iPod charged, and your PC running. It produces more power than all the UK wind farms put together (2000mw), and is equipped with the latest "scrubbing" plant which cleans up its smoke emissions, and will keep it going for at least another ten years.

It's about as clean as a middle-aged power plant can get, the clouds from the cooling towers being steam, rather than smoke. Bovine flatulence does more harm to the environment. Green protesters should set up a demonstration at the rear end of their nearest Friesian. But watch those emissions.

Please don't use this group as a soapbox for any eco-fascist opinions. For the record, this admin. chappie has run his own electronic recycling company fotr over ten years, so is well sympathetic of "green" issues, but barely tolerant of ill-informed propaganda and ranting "greenwash".

I've noticed that many Flickrites have captured what I've been observing since I was four years old (1965!):- that the light on its towers and their output can create truly wonderful effects. Winter is "especially special".

Observation of the nature of the clouds it makes, the wind direction, and the speed at which they rise, will reveal much about the weather, and likely trends. The structure truly does have "moods" - it is sited about as far away from the sea as possible in the UK, but has a similarly dominating, weather-influenced and weather-indicating effect.

Add to that the effect of perspective on the towers and the chimney:- from some viewpoints, the cooling towers spread across the skyline in a row of eight. from elsewhere, eight disappear into two, with a deep "concrete cleavage".

Voila! A fascinating topic! Or maybe I should be take up soccer, like a true man...it's only a power station...(and does my bum look big in this anorak?)

Many folks who have grown up close to it and moved away regard it as a sight of "home".

And one professional phtotgrapher has done some superb work:-


Please feel welcome to post.. But the power station, or its identifiable output (sometimes several miles high!) itself needs to be in the image.

Oh, and please avoid posting multiple similar shots. Choose your best. Park you doubtful ones somewhere else. I have many! I reserve the right to delete multiple images at my discretion without referral. This is not some power (station) trip, but it helps to keep the pool clean. :-)


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