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We now have over 11,000 photos of Doc Martens boots! Keep them coming!

Please remember that only photos of Dr Martens BOOTS are acceptable in this group. Photos which don't meet the criteria will be removed. Persistent offenders will also be removed from the group.


  • Grip/traction

    Just a quick question - how do you find the grip/traction of your DMs in slipper...

    q00339442 weeks ago2 replies

  • How do you lace yours?

    I straight lace mine, since my calves are small, it keeps them in shape and a sm...

    HelleCat4 months ago8 replies

  • How Many Is Enough?

    Hello All, Just joined and wondering how many pairs of DMs is it acceptable t...

    marpete5 months ago28 replies

  • Which Style is Better?

    Canvas Docs vs. Leather Docs What are your guys' opinions?

    Joshua Thomas Photography12 months ago1 replies

  • My Favourite Pair

    Here's a thread for you to share a picture of your favourite pair of Docs. Tell ...

    Garibaldi McFlurry12 months ago1 replies

  • Rare original Docs? Please help them (and me)!

    I came across these on ebay, and I think they may be SUPRA rare and really cool....

    tulianontroppo18 months ago1 replies

  • Solovair boots

    Are Solovairs acceptable to post, or is this strictly Doc Martens brand? Just...

    Olav Ljone Skogaas24 months ago4 replies

  • Doc marten "for life" boot (smooth black) thoughts?

    Looking for anyone that has these boots in smooth black, and their opinion on th...

    thremix25 months ago2 replies

  • Steel Toe-caps or non?

    Do you prefer the ordinary or steel-toe capped DMs and why? Share your thoug...

    skipmicadm26 months ago2 replies

  • where to buy 2nd hand Docs in London

    Hi I'm going to go London in a few months and are asking myself where to buy ...

    Jojo*26 months ago6 replies

  • DR Martens 1460 size

    Hello Can you please help me, I have a DR Martens 1460 size 9 1/2 Uk, (EUR44)...

    AJCS7826 months ago5 replies

  • Cheapies

    Where can u buy cheap docs around 70 bucks.

    Lucie Pop27 months ago2 replies

  • Your first?

    What were your first pair of docs like? Do you still have them?

    Garibaldi McFlurry27 months ago65 replies

  • HELP! is my docs FAKE?

    [] i want to ask your o...

    yaptus27 months ago2 replies

  • doc martens 20 eyes for men....?

    hey, every DM lovers, i wanna ask about 20 eyes how to well-match the 20 e...

    dmloverbenny32 months ago4 replies

  • How Do You Wear Yours?

    Great to read all the topics here and to hear that there are people out there wi...

    Ritch B35 months ago27 replies

  • Make your DMs bigger in size

    I posted this advice in another discussion. Maybe others would like to konw this...

    Flowermouse Design39 months ago6 replies

  • Oxblood vs cherry

    I've been looking for a comparison shot between these two but cannot find any. D...

    greendot42 months ago4 replies

  • Twiggy wears Docs to promote Britain as a holiday destination!

    Twiggy is currently assisting with the promotion of Britain as a holiday destina...

    Stevecollection200845 months ago0 replies

  • Would you be willing to model your docs for a doc photo documentary?

    Hi, I am in my second year of a Photography degree and I have to create a phot...

    lisawig50 months ago9 replies

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