aback account [deleted] 3:44pm, 21 June 2012
I have been on both ends of Rollers/Curlers; having been a hairdresser and setting a ladies head of hair using curlers and having my own hair wound on rollers as well.
So, I got to thinking; What is it that really and truly gets you so arroused, turned on, excited about the use of these items, either being adorned on anothers head or even your own...whether you be a male or female?
Surely something occured years ago that caught your sexual urge and you have found it to be enormously satisfying, to say the very least!
I will await your replies and in time share with ya'll why these salon impliments get me so arroused!
bob_hiesley 6 years ago
I can truthfully say my erotic introduction to rollers and curlers was created by being turned on to women with short hair and women in curls. That branched to women with short hair who also had defined but somewhat large curls. Finally I saw a picture of a very attractive women in large rollers and the rest is history. I believe this all started when I was in junior high so pleanty of time has passed since then.
charlene636 4 years ago
Hi girls. This is Charlene6 speaking, that is the first Charlene6. I started this group years ago.

I am glad it has continued and is being taken very good care of.

Pictures in a Magazine when I was around 10 years old got me hooked. The article was about a day in a ladies hair salon. I watched this pretty lady have a Shampoo and roller set in a fancy beauty salon. For some reason I wanted/needed to be her. I have had my hair done many times and I love every minuet of it.
Thank You,
MonaSmith PRO 4 years ago
Growing up in the 70s I saw a lot of women in rollers; at the hairdressers, going shopping, and in general. My best friend's mum used to set her hair every Sunday for her week at work, and the woman that lived at the top of my street used to wear rollers under a scarf more often that she seemed to wear her hair out! I had never seen a man in rollers so I think that it became a very obvious 'marker' of femininity for me.

Finding an old container of rollers and pins on the top of my mum's wardrobe, that had belonged to my late grandmother, led me to try them out, one or two at first until I got used to how to wind them and pin them nice and tight. For me hair rollers and setting were one of the first way that I was able to express my inner femininity. I did it all in secret of course, which I think only added to the excitement.

Since then hair rollers and setting and everything associated with it has been a very stimulating thing for me.
wetset2002 4 years ago
My aunt was a hair dresser who had a salon in her home. I played with my cousin whose bedroom was just down the hall from the salon. As a result, I spent a lot of time in and around the salon and, this being the 50's and 60's it was all curlers all day. And my aunt was attractive and frequently in curlers so she probably helped cause my fetish for curlers.

Then my first serious college girlfriend set her hair every night and always looked great. She slept in curlers every night including all the time we spent together. I would insist that she slept on my shoulder with the brush roller bristles biting into my shoulder.

I confessed to my wife my love of curlers and she immediately grasped the benefit of fetish sex so she willingly set her hair nightly...until she decided to make me her beautician. I have set here hair for many years and each set is picture perfect to suit my interests and the sex is dom-submissive to suit hers.
aback account [deleted] 3 years ago
Hi everyone,
What a great topic.
My first introduction to curlers was going with my mum to the salon every week when I was a young boy and watching her have her hair set.
As an adult I've had my own hair set and permed and find it such a turn on, especially having a perm, knowing that the finished curly style will be there for all to see for several weeks.
Sadly as my hair gets thinner on top the look is not quite as defined as it once was.
The only down side has been finding a suitable salon to keep my curl and roller fetish alive as the one I used has sadly now closed.
It was a wonderful old fashioned place reminiscent of the days when I went with mum and the hairdresser was a real sweetie.
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