ARG International 6:20am, 21 November 2009
A friend gave me a link for a great way to shoot portraits w/o studio lighting. This has been great for in the salon.

Basic Idea is to use a corner.. one side wall is the fill light from the reflection of the flash and the side of the wall behind the model is the background. Move the model around closer and farther from each wall to get more or less fill light or lighter/darker background.

All this requires is a remote flash on a stand. Simple wire from hotshoe on camera to a flash on a stand with either an umbrella, softbox, or something to diffuse the light (something the flash can shoot through that softens/blocks some of the light).

I am trying to build a simple portfolio of the work I have done and I want something more than smiling pics of my clients standing around in the salon with a flash in their faces. I am waiting on my wireless flash system. Right now all I have is the flash diffuser and reflector. Hope this helps!

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