standing ice [deleted] 7:34pm, 1 April 2009
Hi gals!

I just adore having my hair done, especially in some elegant updo. When I can't have the salon experience, I make an attempt on my own. I have two sets of hot rollers, sprays, and various combs/brushes, but I end up doing little more than fingering the curls after the set. I am hoping to be more creative. This is where I your advice will be appreciated.

What equipment/products/tools you recommend for someone who is essentailly just starting out? Can you recommend any good books or videos that would help a Do-It-Yourselfer?

BTW, my hair is fairly long - down to just below my shoulders.


tranquil cheese [deleted] 9 years ago
Oh Honey. Doing a Up-Do your self is very difficult. You might get the set OK, but the combout takes lots of teasing and work with hairpins.

If its long enough, just go get your hair done. If you are a man just tell them you want to see what it's like. Someone will do it for you, I'm sure.
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