TinyTails79 5:37am, 29 July 2008
My hair getting very itchy when I don't wash my hair everyday why does it do that for?? I tryed using baby shampoo and natural shampoo it works for awhile then started again what can I do about that??
silver64streak 10 years ago
try using a dandruff shampoo .
Annmrce2001 10 years ago
head and shoulders worked for me-try it........ive noticed if i use hairspray or gel it does tend to itch...sometimes your scalp needs jojoba oil in its shampoo.
tranquil cheese [deleted] 10 years ago
It does that BECAUSE YOU wash your hair every day. Your scalp is probably dried out honey. Try brushing it good, about thirty times every other day, and wash it twice a week.
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