TinyTails79 10:32pm, 7 July 2008
My hair is pass my shoulder but I want to get it cut up too my shoulder what kind of hairstyle would look good on me?? Please show pictures with answering my questions Thanks for the advice everyone!!
Annmrce2001 10 years ago
Hey lynsay-i think if your hair is fine-you should go with a shoulder length bob...If its wavy try a shag cut-multi layers give boost and volume.
If you hair is thick i would do the same shag it with layers.
tranquil cheese [deleted] 10 years ago
I looked through your pictures honey and I would suggest a Chin length Bob Haircut. If you study your facial bone structure, you will see that your face is longer from hairline to chin than from cheek to cheek. Long hair makes your face look even longer. Cut your hair no longer than your chin or shorter. A soft bang will be pretty on you also.
Once it's cut you can play with some color. Any shade of Red would be stunning on you.

Good luck,

Annmrce2001 10 years ago
I agree with charlene--sometimes long hair past your shoulders is considered dead hair-u have to maintain it very well due to the length.
Play alittle with color-lowlight-or even highlites....Short or shoulder length- but if your face is long(Yes longer hair makes it longer lookin)
Good luck on your quest for a new you''''''''ann
MrsGigi 10 years ago
Hi, I am Angie, a hairstylist from Ma. I would suggest if you wanted to keep it at your shoulders, I would do long to medium length layers. Also ask them to texturize with a razor to make it pop and give you a little more volume. Also add bngs. They are very in right now and make anyone who wears them look 10 years younger. Good Luck
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