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Hodgey ADMIN July 28, 2018
WELCOME to the ORIGINAL 52 Weeks for Dogs! often imitated, but never duplicated.home to flickr's die-hard dog and photo addicts where we showcase our 1-yr projects and share a wealth of information about photography and dogs.

☆☆☆ 2018 Group CHALLENGE #7 - July 30- August 5 ..... Week 31 Action Blur ☆☆☆

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the ORIGINAL <a href=""><b> 52 Weeks for Dogs </b></a>

Group Description

Welcome to the ORIGINAL 52 Weeks for Dogs ... often imitated, but never duplicated. This is the home to flickr's die-hard dog and photo addicts ... where we showcase our 1-year photo projects and share a wealth of information about dogs and photography.

THE THRUST OF THIS GROUP ... READ THIS ... we mean it ...

In the tradition of 52 Weeks which is intended for self-portraits, 52 Weeks for Dogs is for those of us who are either lacking the courage to get out from behind the camera to actually join in the fun of the real 52 Weeks, or - face it - our dogs are just far more attractive than we are.

Since most of us here probably already take plenty of photos of our dog(s) on a weekly basis, the goal of joining 52 Weeks for Dogs should be to create that one photo each week of your chosen dog that either stands out, signifies something special in your dog's week, or is a unique approach from your other photos of your best friend. Push the limits a little, do something different, be creative, challenge yourself.

Obviously, it should go without saying but i must::
- ONE photo per week of your chosen dog taken in the CURRENT week.

- the group's week is defined as Monday 12 a.m to Sunday midnight your time (and we know where you live!)
- if you miss a week, sorry, there is NO playing catchup.

NEW photos should be taken each week; don't rely on archives. Photos not dated in the current week will be deleted. Do NOT post a photo taken last Friday on Monday. Sorry, it just doesn't work ... it makes the group FAR too difficult to moderate and your photo might be deleted as being from last week.

Check your camera's date. This is a date-sensitive group.

Absolutely NO CATCH UP. If you miss a week, you can't post back-dated images. Sorry. Again, this 52 Weeks group doesn't work that way. However, this should NOT stop you from putting a photo in your own personal 52 Weeks set in your photo stream so that your set is complete at the end of the year.

IMPORTANT: NO SWAPPING !! Once you post your weekly photo, that's it. You CANNOT swap it out for another if you happen to take a better photo later in the week. Trust me, we've all been there ... it's just not fair to those of us who make great efforts to comment on most of the weekly photos. ... besides, the point of the group is to deliberately and consciously shoot that one photo per week for submission, not merely choose your best shot of the week.

Also, a lot of us here are purists ... if you can't stick with the project, you will be removed. This pool is for full 'projects' only.

TO CURRENT MEMBERS: please do NOT use the "invite" function to invite your friends. New members MUST fill out a request via the "join this group" button. Having said that, please know that our membership at this point is capped.

WHY? because the beauty of this group is the intimacy ... and to maintain that intimacy, we need to keep the numbers manageable so that members get to know everyone and aren't overwhelmed over keeping up. To read more about this decision, go to the discussion threads.

A waiting list is being kept for those who ask, however, please know that it is already very long. Also, please be aware that membership into this group -- because of our already high numbers -- is now based on a number of factors, including but not limited to: prior participation in the group, age of the applicant's dog (because some dogs don't have many years left), the reasons and goals given by the applicant, the applicant's dedication to dog wellness and awareness, dedication to and active participation on flickr, quality and creativity of photos, the potential contribution to the group and an obvious desire to share, and/or recommendation of other members of this group. Position on the wait list, unfortunately, is NOT a guarantee of acceptance or the order thereof. The admin reserves the right to adjust the group cap at their discretion for any applicant for any of the reasons stated above.

Also, please understand that this group is intended for experienced flickr members as it requires an understanding of general flickr conduct, group navigation, etc.


And remember, we're after more than just quick snaps ... let's push those boundaries, examine new sides of our best friend, see things in them that perhaps we hadn't seen before, or perhaps try new shooting methods we hadn't ... whatever. The idea is to have fun and be creative ... every week.

ALSO: read the rules! They're simple. Really. And they're right over there in that column on the right. Yeah ... right there.



GET TO KNOW YOUR PACK ... With only one photo a week, it's not a big group ... so take a stroll through once in a while and meet your fellow pack members ... leave a comment, and please let them know where you found 'em by copying and pasting this code:

<i> Seen in </i>
the ORIGINAL <a href=""><b> 52 Weeks for Dogs </b></a>


Challenges are only for fun. You do NOT have to do them ... but if you don't, well, you're just not running with the pack. ;)

For those of you who are taking this 52 Weeks group a little more seriously and seeing it as the "project" that it was initially conceived as, I thought it might be inspiring or at least interesting to pose challenges once in a while, get the creative juices flowing.


Group Rules

- only ONE photo per week of the SAME dog; no video (sorry). the group's "week" is defined as Monday 12 a.m. to Sunday midnight ... if you miss, sorry, there is no playing catchup.

- photos must be taken within the CURRENT WEEK ... please check your camera's date so that it is properly set.

- if you miss a week due to vacation, sorry ... no back-posts to the pool. the rules are pure and simple. however, this shouldn't stop you from entering a back-dated image to your personal 52 Weeks set for your dog in your own set on your stream.

- photos not posted to the group within the time-frame of the "current week" for whatever reason will be removed for being out of date

-be creative; make that one photo your little project each week.

-and remember, it's ONE photo per week ... not diptychs or triptychs ... no sharing of outtakes in your comments under your chosen photo. chose ONE photo to share with the group. we know it's not always easy, but that's the point of the group: shooting for that ONE standout photo each week.

Please refrain from posting your photo to other groups for at least a week or two. This gives our group a chance to get to know you better without wading through other groups comments.

Your dog's name must be in the title, description and or the tags, This enables us to know who is who without sniffing each others butts. ;)

-please remember to tag your photo "52 Weeks for Dogs"

** NEW: photos must be numbered in the title!! ** i.e. 1/52, 2/52, 3/52, etc.

-stay with the program! come on, it's not that hard. besides, the rest of the pack will miss you ... and then when you do return, well, you know what a pack is like ... they'll all gang up on you and it's a right mess!

-members who stop submitting, miss four weeks in a row without explanation to the admins, or who have missed a total of more than 6 photos, will be removed. this pool is intended for completed 52 Weeks projects.

-"block"ing admins or moderators of the group will result in removal from the group as this will not allow us to communicate with you as a member.

-please be kind to others; although we tolerate fools, we do NOT tolerate bullies. period.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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