52 by 52 8:45pm, 4 September 2012
Hi folks,

As I mentioned in the What's Next thread from a few weeks ago we're going to create a 52 by 52 members' book as it feels like a great way to mark the end of Y1. We'd love everyone who's submitted work to the project to be involved in the process. It will be a non-profit book created using Blurb and sold at cost price plus a £1 donation to

Members' Book
- Add yourself to the "Members Book" group:
- Submit the photo(s) you'd like to have for possible inclusion into the appropriate threads.
- We'll let you know toward the middle of October if your work is to be included.
- The book will be available from approximately late-October for a range of prices & formats.

We have tried to outline the process in more detail below - please contact us if you have any questions...


Book details
- There will be two sizes of book available, small and medium, both containing the same content.
- There will be an accompanying eBook for iPhone / iPad.
- A single member's photo represents each week (along with the challenge text).
- Full credits will be given to each member (Flickr name + real name).
- Optionally a link to your own portfolio can be added to the credit.
- Members retain full rights to their work.
- The book is really aimed at 52 by 52 members but will be available for anyone to buy.
- Members submit the photos they wish to be considered for the book into a new Flickr group.
- There will be a preview of the book on Blurb so you can see what you'd be getting.
- You can submit entries to as many challenges as you wish.
- The greater number of challenge threads you submit to, the higher the chance of your photo being included.

Submitting your work
- We've setup a 52 by 52 Member's Book group:
- The book is open for submissions from today (hurray!)
- The last submission will be accepted Sunday 30th September.
- To submit your work for possible inclusion in the book simply add it to the discussion threads already setup by Julia in the book group.
- Julia has posted a discussion in the new group on how to add a picture to a thread just in case you've not done that before.
- It's not possible to add work to the Members' Book group pool, only to the discussion threads within that new group.
- Submitting to the Member's Book group's threads means it's easier for the member's and team to quickly see which photos belong to which challenge.
- Only photos submitted to the project & photos added to the 52 book group are eligible.
- Members will still be able to submit to challenges in the original 52 by 52 group until 30/12/12.

Selection process:
- After the submission date passes (30/09/2012) myself, Julia and Mark will embark on the difficult task of choosing a photo to represent each week.
- We did consider handing the selection process to a individual or group outside of the project but felt that this turned it into a competition which isn't in the spirit of the book which is a celebration of a community rather than photographic competition.
- The book isn't intended as a definitive representation of the year, that would be impossible.
- Once we've made our selection, we'll get in touch and request the file ready for inclusion and any details needed for the credits.
- The book's selection will endeavour to represent as many members as possible.
- The book will be available around the end of October, we'll keep you updated.
- We will endeavour to include a broad range of work but we can't guarantee your work will make it into the book.

- Only pictures posted in response to the challenge can be submitted for inclusion in the book.
- Submit your photo by ***Sunday 30/09/2012***
- The Members' Book group is only open to members of the 52 by 52 group.


Thank you once again for your comments on how much you've enjoyed 52 by 52, we can't wait to see the book come together!

— Dave
johnpaddler PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by johnpaddler (member) 6 years ago
Whilst fully supporting the creation of a Member's Book, I feel it would be a pity if some of the best responses to challenges don't make it to the book simply because the photographer hasn't posted that particular photo to the relevant Member's Book discussion thread.

I can see there may be a concern over copyright, and in submitting to 52by52 we have not granted sufficient permissions for inclusion in the book.

Nonetheless, I hope the editors,in addition to looking over the submissions in the Member's Book Group discussions, can find time to look through the main 52by52 pool and pick out their favourites from each challenge. Then contact owners of photos which need to be in the book, but which haven't been submitted for consideration.
Mark W Russell 6 years ago
Hi John
Thanks for continued support and encouragement. We will be taking action to contact members who have not contributed yet to the "Book" community. Of course we can only encourage, If people do not want to submit we cannot force them.
We will be checking regarding copyright and permissions (as raised elsewhere)
Best wishes
52 by 52 6 years ago
The Members' Book group is now closed for submissions and the 52 by 52 team have the difficult task of selecting work from the fantastic entries, with 564 photos to choose from it will take a few weeks. As soon as we've made the final selection we'll drop members who's submissions have been selected for the book an email with further details.

Thank you for all the wonderful work submitting and for your patience while it's selected. We can't wait to see it come together towards the end of the month!
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