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Mark W Russell is a group moderator Mark W Russell says:

Reflecting on your 52 by 52 experience:-

What will be your lasting thoughts/memories of the experience of participating in 52 by 52?
2:04AM, 23 August 2012 PDT (permalink)

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Steve Leverett says:

Enjoyment - learning - making contacts - improving skills - broadening horizons ...
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Leripix says:

"Bloody hell, is it Thursday already?"
71 months ago (permalink)

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Emma Georgiou says:

My thoughts from this experiance is that there is still so much for me to learn which is very exciting. My lasting memory from this will be the night my husband watched football on the tv; so
I decided to photograph myself from the pov of my fridge. It was harder than I thought and a difficult decision to post as I hate any photographs of myself, but in the end I kind of liked it.
71 months ago (permalink)

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david_gillett is a group administrator david_gillett says:

Ha ha, yes and also "Flipping heck it's Monday and I've got NO ideas".

I remember the shot well, such a fun, creative idea.

Few random memories (not all of which make great photos)...

#49 For the first time giving quite detailed instructions to a 'model' about how I'd liked them to pose.

#49 by david_gillett

#47 Discovering a 14 century watermill a few meters from the bottom of my garden.
#47 La Dedemulle by david_gillett

#46 Shadowing a kettling operation by the police.
#46 by david_gillett

#45 Crawling under a train.
#45 by david_gillett

#36 Finally talking to a lady I've been frequently passing on the street for the last 10 years.
#36 "To get my flat ready to sell" by david_gillett

#30 Carrying around an iPhone relentlessly taking photos automatically for 10 hours.
Time Lapse by david_gillett

#29 Meeting my first meercat
#29 Louis & Samantha by david_gillett

#28 Rearranging a whole host of a supermarket goods.
#28 Gnome Over by david_gillett

#27 Hiding from a farmer in an abandoned WII building.
#27 by david_gillett

#24 Being invited into the closed world of War-gaming.
#24 War-gaming club by david_gillett

#23 Having my photo taken for the local rag to promote the project.
#23 Kevin & I by david_gillett

#21 Creeping around a remote forest at midnight hoping 'Sally of the Woods' wouldn't put in an appearance.
#21 From the corner of the eye by david_gillett

#12 Talking to an inspiring gentleman at Occupy London about his journey from sleeping on the streets to setting up a small business.
Garry – Guitar Hero by david_gillett

#9 Wandering around wooded valleys in heavy mist long before the break of dawn.
Challenge #9 by david_gillett

Not all of the shots made the final cut but I'd have never had these experiences had it not been for the project.
71 months ago (permalink)

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Mark W Russell is a group moderator Mark W Russell says:

The greatest memory of participating in 52by52 will be the generosity, warmth and honesty of the members of the community. Particularly when for most of us each week were tackling an approach that was new to us and therefore confidence often was brittle.

It was particularly refreshing not to be constrained by a fundamental genre dictating the challenges/production; having previously participated in the Street Photography Now Community (as had several members of the community), year one and running parallel year two. Whilst this is a major interest of mine I wanted to scan new horizons and 52by52 has certainly done that for me.

best wishes
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scala66/Paul Marsh says:

i think looking back at the 52 photos ive taken myself,and also other members shots provide great memories of this challenge.
it was last year aug 15th that my mother passed away.i think i came in a couple of weeks later and i found that these weekly tasks were a great help in dealing with this.
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Julia M Cameron is a group administrator Julia M Cameron says:

My experience of 52 by 52 has been one of pleasure fuelled by the warmth of the group. I have enjoyed meeting online with people from all walks of life, far flung places and a wide range of experiences of photography from beginner to pro.

The Challenges have stretched me technically and creatively and Thursday has been a BIG DAY in my week. The briefs have been of the highest order and across many genres, supported by a community in which to share ideas and photographs.

It has been an enormous privilege to give and to receive constructive critique. The discussions of each Challenge has been enlightening and helpful enabling the tight deadlines to be met.

A wonderful year! Thanks to all!

71 months ago (permalink)

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@markglomas says:

For me the challenge and the response, from you all, has been a great pleasure. To see everyone's take on each challenge, and to try new ideas out myself has helped me to enjoy photography more and in new ways. Some of my shots this year I would probably not have conceived a couple of years ago.

Like Mark above, the freedom and challenge of different genres (though I do love street as we have rather a lot of city to cover here) has been a great motivation.
71 months ago (permalink)

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K8ieSmith says:

My lasting thoughts/memories from participating in 52 by 52 relate more to the experience of functioning as a member of an online community and less to the completion of each challenge in terms of creating an image. I really enjoyed the camaraderie that built within the group as the project progressed and was pleasantly surprised by how familiarity and sociability quickly grew into solid online friendships.
I was overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of other member’s comments and their skillful use of intuition to construct feedback that was warm, supportive and helpful. What a super bunch! Thanks all for a fantastically creative year! :-)
70 months ago (permalink)

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