52by52 year 2 ?

scala66/Paul Marsh PRO 6:39pm, 7 August 2012
with only 3 assignments left,i was wondering, and hoping that there will be a year two.
for me ,this has been a great challenge. ive loved every minute of it. my photographic skills have realy progressed due to to these thought provoking tasks.
with the amount of new members joining recently, i think year two could become even greater and a lot more challenging.
finally,i think all the members and mods should be thanked for doing a fantastic job.
52 by 52 6 years ago
Thanks Scala, much appreciated. I've been so swamped with the day job, securing the last challenge (just come in) and other bits I've not had time to start a discussion thread about this.

There's a few ideas brewing and some questions to the members about what happens next coming very soon, this week all being well.
~ Meredith ~ 6 years ago
I second what Scala said :) I've thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this group. Congratulations and well done to the mods and all the members for making this such an enjoyable experience. Really hope there will be a year 2.
Palofperu PRO 6 years ago
I agree with everything that's been said. Joining the group has been such an enjoyable and instructive experience. I would love it to continue.
@markglomas PRO 6 years ago
David, thanks for your hard work and perseverance. Would love to be a part of a year 2. As above, the weekly challenge, discussion and the other members' fabulous contributions have really helped improve at least my thought processes, if not always the finished image.
Greenman1986 6 years ago
I can't add anything more than has already been said. Only that I am feeling quite stressed that I might not have my weekly challenge to think about for much longer.

It has been great for me and I would love it to continue!
K8ieSmith 6 years ago
This seems like the perfect time to say a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thank you to David for the ridiculous amount of hard work, time and commitment that he has put in to building 52 into such an inspiring project. I thoroughly enjoy being part of such a supportive group of creative photographers. The challenges, discussions and member contributions have really helped me to improve my photography... Hurrah for 52 by 52! :-)
Emma Georgiou PRO 6 years ago
It's all been said above but I must say a massive thank you to the moderators and all the hard work putting together the challenges. Secondly I would like say thank you to the group members, it took me a while before I decided to post anything as I was worried about the type of feedback I might get but everyone had been very kind and feedback has been constructive ( which will only help to improve what I am doing) . I've been introduced to a plethora of others work, I'm sure that I wouldn't have discovered on my own and it's been lovely to think about how I'm going to solve the weekly challenge instead of working out what's for tea, what office work i've got to do, cleaning the bathroom and running which child to which club....
Ta muchly and fingers crossed for a year 2
MOD1966 6 years ago
Thank you so much to everyone involved and for all the hard work over the past year...bring on Year 2 !!!
Leripix 6 years ago
Back from a couple of weeks' absence to discover all of this - so happy and pleased the group is to continue. David, you have created something unbelievable. A big big thank you to the admins/mods for doing such a sterling job and for creating the most stimulating and supportive environment, and to all the members for being a great community which I'm proud to be part of. Long may it continue. :))))))))))
g*treefrog 6 years ago
yes please! .......I only joined late and have benefited in all sorts of unexpected ways from the weekly challenges. Not only have I learnt my way around my camera, but have walked many kms in search of subjects.
Mark W Russell 6 years ago
Please read David's thread "What's next for 52 by 52" for the latest on the future plans.
Also see "endings" threads posted by yours truely over the next two weeks.
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