photo missing

scala66/Paul Marsh PRO 4:00pm, 6 July 2012
hi all, i was looking back at my photos taken for this project and noticed that my shot for number one is missing from the pool.
apart from this week, ive taken a shot for every week so far, so i should be showing 44 pics. for some reason its only showing 43.
any ideas anyone.

ive just noticed that 52by52 has number one missing as well.
52 by 52 6 years ago
A submission every week for nearly a year, amazing !

Your #1 doesn't seem to be added to the group, it's in a 52 by 52 set, but not the group. Simply add it in as and when you like, it'll be added to the front of the pool. There's no way of reordering the pool unfortunately.

The #1 instruction doesn't appear because of a technical balls up at the start of the project and it seemed odd to add it at a later date. It'll probably be added once we're all done in less than two months (!)
~ Meredith ~ 6 years ago
Please can we do this again? I've loved these challenges and I've loved interacting (albeit a bit sporadically at times) with the group. Just wish I'd found you earlier :)
scala66/Paul Marsh PRO 6 years ago
ok thanks.
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