scala66/Paul Marsh PRO 6:03pm, 24 June 2012
hey all, ive been looking at a few second hand lenses lately that have fungus but come with with hard tube cases.
i really want them for the cases to protect my good glass. however,i am a little worried that the fungus could cross contaminate to my expensive lenses.
anyone have any ideas if this is so?
Julia M Cameron PRO 6 years ago
I had never heard of lens fungus...but there are sites on the web that are quite informative.

Try this...
scala66/Paul Marsh PRO 6 years ago
thanks for that julia, i think its best if i avoid them.
Mark W Russell 6 years ago
If I understand this phenomena in a simplistic way, fungus in lenses is a combination of dust and damp.
I do not know if it can transfer via lens cases. As Julia says there is a lot on various discussion threads on the WWW.
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