Leripix 7:32am, 17 June 2012
Mike Avina recently posted this - very well timed for me - thought I would spread the message. Maybe others have similar words of wisdom/encouragement to share? Untitled

52x52 is clearly therefore serving a greater purpose . . .but what do we do when we reach week 53? :(
Leripix 6 years ago
Haha - what are "wods"??? I can't change it now either!! Oh the shame!
Mark W Russell Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Mark W Russell (moderator) 6 years ago
by the way of e-magic I have fixed the title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julia M Cameron PRO 6 years ago
Very wise words and a great excuse/reason (whichever your point of view !) to take vast numbers of photos a week!
Palofperu PRO 6 years ago
Hurrah for Ira Glass this is so encouraging. I often feel disappointed with what I produce because even though the idea might be ok and I get excited about it the key thing is the execution and that's where this quote is right on the money. 'Failing better' is helpful too. Thanks for posting this Leri :O)
david_gillett 6 years ago
I love this Eleri. Though I'm still light years away from where I would like to be I do think the discipline of shooting every week has improved my work over the last 10 months or so. I look back at shots from a year or two ago that I thought had something and wince.
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