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Challenge #33: Create a portrait that expresses isolation in circumstances that are not isolated.
— Terry O'Neill

Terry O’Neill is one of the world’s most collected photographers whose work hangs in national art galleries and private collections worldwide. For over six decades, he has photographed the frontline of fame, from the greats of screen and stage to presidents, prime ministers and rock stars.

No other living photographer has embraced the span of fame, capturing the icons of our age from Winston Churchill to Nelson Mandela, from Frank Sinatra and Elvis to Amy Winehouse, from Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot to Nicole Kidman, as well as every James Bond from Sean Connery to Pierce Brosnan.

He photographed The Beatles and The Rolling Stones when they were still struggling young bands in 1963, pioneered backstage reportage photography with David Bowie, Elton John, The Who, Eric Clapton and Chuck Berry and his images have adorned historic rock albums, movie posters and international magazine covers.

Terry's work often captured the vulnerability and loneliness stars felt even though they were constantly surround by people and at the top of their game.




Terry O'Neill's website >


As well as being a good place to connect with other members and share your initial reactions, thoughts about how to 'solve it' and any links you think might help the group, this can also be a good place to include any old photos you have that fit the challenge. We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts this week.

— 52 by 52 team
Larking About 6 years ago
I look forward to what Bart1eby will do - it's right up his street !
david_gillett 6 years ago
Ha ha, true! No pressure .

Julia's submission for #21 would be perfect for this:
#21 Lone figure by Julia M Cameron

Sunrise, summer solstice, Stonehenge:
Summer Solstice 2009 by david_gillett

Summer Solstice 2009 by david_gillett
Julia M Cameron PRO 6 years ago
Bart1eby......this one's for you!

Great opportunity for some street portraits, with permission or probably even better, candid.
Mark W Russell Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Mark W Russell (moderator) 6 years ago
I went to see the 50 years of Sunday Times Magazine exhibition in Manchester yesterday.
Amongst the many amazing photographers represented; Eve Arnold, Don McCullin, Ricahrd Avedon, David Bailey, etc.. I was taken in and absorbed particular by the shots representing O'Neill; including the Fay Dunaway picture (above) [always been a big favourite of mine] and his portrait of Amy Winehouse.
His work is powerful and often shows aspects of the individual, such as vulnerability, etc. It is amazing how some of his pictures have become the definitive shots of SO many icons.

A couple of old shots of mine that are in the arena I think we are aiming for:-
"En passant par V" -  Instruction #49 "Read the street in front of you by saying to yourself everything that you see happening both near you and coming toward you (the text of the street) and the picture will present itself." - Joel Meyerowitz

"Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" - Instruction #52 "If you have talent, find your own way" - Cristóbal Hara
Julia M Cameron PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Julia M Cameron (admin) 6 years ago
Oddly enough, there is a gallery I pass almost every day in Norwich that has a set of O'Neill portraits. The gallery has been closed for ages, but today the lights were on!

Now, where to find a Hollywood icon?!

This is one I made earlier
#06 Striking woman
david_gillett 6 years ago
It does seem to lend itself well to candid street photography doesn't it. That's a real weakness of mine so perhaps this is the week to tackle that head on.

As Mark mentioned the Sunday Times Magazine exhibition is really worth going to see if anyone's around Manchester or Birmingham in the next few weeks.
samdphoto 6 years ago

train stations.

I chose a train station because I felt there would be a relatively constant flow of people coming and going, which not necessarily ‘forces’ this ‘meeting’ that I am looking for, but is a place more likely to have this type of meeting. It is a place that people come to, from their ‘home life’ and are out and about with the ‘others’.

This constant flow of new people, was representative of the ‘coming and going’ of the moment I was trying to represent. The train station signified a sense of a ‘traveler’ as well, something that realistically most people are, some to a bigger extent then others, but essentially we all move about and are not in the same place for very long.

What the trains represent to me.
Trains can also be representative of ‘taking you from a to b’. Specific routes through life etc, all small but important little factors that for me make the pictures work. The path of the train indicates an inevitable ending point, from a starting point to the finishing point. Depending upon how deep you read into the pictures you could make connections between this, and life. Life has a beginning and an end. The ‘inevitability’ of it all, is something I think of for instance in death, ‘its inevitable’. We (the subject in the photographs) also all have certain ‘paths’ in life, some would say ‘destinies’ etc, and I just find it interesting when two peoples ‘paths’ cross / meet. (For me it is the eye contact that ‘seals the deal’)
scala66/Paul Marsh PRO 6 years ago
Where in brum David?
Julia M Cameron PRO 6 years ago
bart1eby 6 years ago
i'm glad this came out this week rather than last as it i'd probably just be lazy and submit my current SPNC shot

in a crowd

That said I sort of wish I could as there now seems to be a certain amount of pressure on me (pressure for which I am nonetheless both flattered and grateful...).

Okay, I've got an idea for something a little bit different so look forward to the inevitable anticlimax...

david_gillett 6 years ago
Waterhall from Tuesday 22 May to Saturday 2 June

Nick's Flash on a stick is genius!

Welcome to the group!

Lovin' the 16:9-esque crop.
scala66/Paul Marsh PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by scala66/Paul Marsh (member) 6 years ago
@ bart1eby, i thought of that shot straight away for this assignment.

thanks david, i will try to get along to that.
~ Meredith ~ 6 years ago
Haven't had much opportunity to participate of late. This might be the one to get me back into the swing of things. Shame I was a day early with this one :)

The Conversationalist
Leripix 6 years ago
I've also been out of circulation for a bit, but looking forward to this one. It's a theme I am drawn to.

In the temple of consumerism
Julia M Cameron PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Julia M Cameron (admin) 6 years ago

My attempts

and b-side
Isolation 3
K8ieSmith 6 years ago
I've just realised that I missed an opportunity to do something Joy Division related for this challenge. Here's a taster 'Isolation' from
Anton Corbijn's film 'Control.'
Don't think my Lithuanian pop duo #33 B side can compare to a bit of post punk misery!
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