Mark W Russell 11:12am, 27 February 2012
Hi to you all.
Here we are at the half way point of this interesting and stretching set of challenges.
I was wondering how others are feeling about the challenges so far?
How is it effecting your discipline to take pictures?
Are you finding it is stretching you?
Are you taking pictures of "new" subjects or taking a different approach than you normally would?

As far as I am concerned, it has made me take pictures of subject matter, I would not have dreamed of shooting. It has stretched me both in subject matter and cameras I use. I have shot both film and digital, taking me away from the digital I normally shoot for my street work.

The challenges over the last few weeks I have found have brought me up sharp. I have been finding it difficult to find inspiration. I shoot most days, even it is just a local street or a cloud. The challenges have made me think a lot about why I shoot and what I want from my output. SO, in answer to my own questions....yes good so far with thought provoking challenges and I think maybe a more considered approach to my work.

If I could create some works with a painter's hand and a poet's eye, I would be satisfied.
Larking About 6 years ago
I think the challenges have been great, such a lovely wide range for everybody to dip their toes into. Personally I am very disappointed I haven't found the time to do more of them - the week seems to go by way too quickly!! I also do wish there were more people aware of and participating in the group as it has such a lot to offer and so much care and work obviously went into finding great instruction setters and briefs.
Greenman1986 6 years ago
I am new to the group and new to thinking about photography in this way. I am finding it interesting, thought provoking and challenging. I have been amazed by how this has led me to so much self reflection and exploration.

I am enjoying it, finding it challenging, and finding myself wanting to be much much better. I wholly agree with your point about painter's hand and poet's eye!
@markglomas PRO 6 years ago
I am really enjoying the variety of the challenges. I enjoyed the discipline of having to think, shoot and submit within one week that was involved in SPNP Year 1, and whilst David has done us all a favour by "allowing" us to submit to previous challenges beyond the week, I still try my best to respond within the week.

I agree with Mark, the variety of genres that can come out of the instructions is a stretch, but in a good way. Some things I wouldn't normally consider (and some abject failures !) but I do see shots better than I did 18m ago. Am I a better photographer ? Not yet.

My thanks to David for his perseverance in finding great photographers who set interesting and thought-provoking challenges. More please !
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