52 by 52 6:24pm, 13 November 2011
Having reached the milestone of 10 challenges we thought it'd be a good time to ask which challenge you've enjoyed the most?

Was there a challenge that really inspired you? One which was simply too much of a challenge? Do let us know.

From our point of view it's been more rewarding (and exhausting) than we could have ever imagined and we've very grateful to all those who've contributed so far... here's to the next 42!

ā€” The 52 by 52 Team
scala66/Paul Marsh PRO 7 years ago
Although I found #8 quite hard, I think it has been my favourite so far.
#10 was difficult due to lack of enjoying all of the assignments really. They are making me think a lot more about what to shoot and how to shoot it.
@markglomas PRO 7 years ago
My biggest challenge is a strict one week deadline !
david_gillett 7 years ago
I really enjoyed your responses to #8 & #10 .

Personally I've found #9 to be the most rewarding so far as I've found myself being dismissive of landscape photography in recent years as it can be a little... chocolate-boxy for my tastes. But #9 helped me to rediscover the joy of wandering around remote places at the crack of dawn, something I hadn't done for years.
RichardBrittain 7 years ago
I really enjoyed #8. I tried to copy Robert Frank's photo of the tram. It helps that I live in a city that still has them!
Sharon Tofler 7 years ago
#1 was my favourite - what you see depends on where you stand - because it made me look at what I was photographing from so many different angles. #3 was definitely the biggest challenge - capture an honest portrait of a complete stranger - I have still not had the courage to either ask a stranger to pose for me or take a candid shot - it is way to daunting. Perhaps if I lived in a big city with crowded streets it would be easier. I was so frustrated with myself, too, because the day the challenge was posted I was in town and this eccentric old fellow with a long beard riding a bicycle would have been perfect for the brief. Thanks for the hard work you put in to making this happen! ::))
Larking About Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Larking About (member) 7 years ago
No 11 is messing with my head a bit - not helped by being a huge Martin Parr fan:)
david_gillett 7 years ago
The tram shot worked superbly, the girl at the back really brought something extra to it.

Street portraiture can be really intimating at first it's true. I found mentioning it's an odd thing to do to your subject can help break the ice. So I usually say something like "Excuse me, would you mind if I asked you a strange question?..." Also a complement will often let peoples guard down. I'm sure everyone has their own technique, it's worth giving it a go though as people are more generous than you'd think!

I felt pretty lost and intimated as well being a huge Parr fan! I'm going to try reverting to traditional film to see if that restriction helps unstick me.
Mark W Russell Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Mark W Russell (moderator) 7 years ago
Not sure how I missed this thread; but think I was away on holiday. On reflecting on the question, I don't think I have any favourite.
I have taken each challenge as it comes (only not completed two - but will go back to those as I have time), having not been particularly stressed nor concerned by any (so far).
What has interested me more has been my ability to take on different approaches, styles and find solutions. I have been happy with all of my outputs. So if pushed #'s 5,8 and 10 satisfied me.
@markglomas PRO 7 years ago
Having looked back at what I was able to create I would say I was happy with #12 and #10. On the downside I dislike the execution in #11, not the concept, just the execution.

I think I am missing #7. Don't know how. Must get onto it.
david_gillett 7 years ago
I'd agree with the thing I've enjoyed the most is trying different styles and approaches. Most of which I'll possibly never repeat but I know there's a few that I'll definitely revisit.
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