Larking About 9:50am, 17 November 2011
I am avoiding doing the work in the house I really have to do this morning so felt like starting a thread where people can mention some of their favourite photographers ......
Larking About 7 years ago
My favourites do change, and often I will like one particular book by a photographer. not necessarily all their work, but here are four that spring to mind

Martin Parr

Stephen Gill

Rinko Kawauchi

William Eggleston

Martin Parr because he photographs items previously ignored by the genre and he does it in a bold and brash manner, and also because he photographs people in a wonderfully observant and tongue in cheek way. I also like the fact there is some controversy and dislike of his work and I also admire him for being an excellent businessman in the photography world!

Stephen Gill crosses over from art to photography and has such an original way of thinking - he buries prints, he uses a 50p camera etc. Such a fresh approach.

Rinko Kawauchi is simply elegant and sublime. She has carved out a unique yet varied style

William Eggleston is a Master of colour and social documentary of the US
52 by 52 7 years ago
Thanks for posting these Danielle, long live procrastination!
We feel pretty lucky as many of our favourite photographers have set challenges (previous or unreleased).

So here's some of our favourite photographers who sadly won't be setting challenges:

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Matthieu Gafsou

Zack Arias

James Mollison

Nadav Kander

Andrew Zuckerman

Yann Gross

We're always looking for suggestions for challenge setters so do let us know if there's a photographer who you think would fit the bill.
scala66/Paul Marsh PRO 7 years ago
@larking about.
i have to agree with william eggleston,in fact i choose his "trike" as my #8 recreation.
also love william klein and who cant love robert frank.
Mark W Russell Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Mark W Russell (moderator) 7 years ago
I cannot say I have particular "favourite" photographers. It tends to be what I am interested in a particular time, and therefore it might be the odd picture or series that catches my interest. I do not spend a lot of time looking a photography books as I have a bit of a fear of being too heavily influenced.

Saying that recently I have gone out of my way to explore the work of Saul Leiter, who's early colour/street work appeals to me.

Also recently, I went to the "Eyewitness" Exhibition at the Royal Academy; which was 20thC Hungarian photographers; including; Brassai, Capa, Kertesz, Moholy-Nagy and Munkasci. There was aspects of all of them, which was new and interesting to see. I was particularly struck by compositional skills on display.

Lastly, in the last couple of weeks I have got out and bought prints for the first time. Whilst expensive, I will periodical try to buy prints I really like. The first I got was a print from 1995 by Lorentz Gullachsen.
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