Just joined ...

Steve Leverett PRO 8:26am, 28 September 2011
... very self taught but learning much from 52 - amazing people! Thank you.
Mark W Russell 7 years ago
We are all learning.
@markglomas PRO 7 years ago
Agree. Hope to learn as much from 52by52 as I did from SPNP.
Rik O'Hare LRPS 7 years ago
Welcome to the group. Looking forward to seeing your photographs
Julia M Cameron PRO 7 years ago
Looking forward to expanding into other genres, although my passion is street.
micadew PRO 7 years ago
I really enjoy street photography. I felt so lost when I started shooting street about ten months ago. I am slowly feeling more confident and I am hoping to continue learning in this group.
MOD1966 7 years ago
Like the less restrictive challenge and welcome the opportunity to broaden the shots I submit...
Leripix 7 years ago
Dipping my toe in the pool. . . definitely still learning and looking forward to widening my horizons.
K8ieSmith 7 years ago
I LOVE 52 by 52! It's really pushing me to try stuff that I am less confident with and helping me to organise my time to complete each challenge and prioritize creativity... LOVE being part of a supportive group and learning so much from members comments and advice.
Canonac 7 years ago
A great idea, great group and great images.............did I say great?
The Neepster PRO 7 years ago
I'm new too - hello :)

Looking forward to being pushed into trying new stuff.
david_gillett 7 years ago
Welcome to the group , , !
scala66/Paul Marsh PRO 7 years ago
Yes. Welcome to the group.
Palofperu PRO 7 years ago
Hello I've recently joined too. Inspirational ethos and images in the group. Am tentative about what I can contribute but hoping to learn.
@markglomas PRO 7 years ago
Welcome, and we look forward to your participation. It's a great project. Thanks to David for starting it and sourcing our photographers to set the week's challenge. Really stretching me at times...
Larking About Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Larking About (member) 7 years ago
I joined very early but have only just submitted as after a year of the intense Street Photogrpahy Now Project, I needed to be eased into it ! :)
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