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52 by 52 9:05pm, 12 September 2011
------- Rules -------

The submitted photo must represent new work taken in response to the challenge.
The challenge number must be included in the photo title or description.
It must have been taken by yourself.
Only one photo submitted per challenge.
No nudity or heavy photo editing (see FAQs).

------- FAQs -------

Do I have to have a “proper” camera or be a professional photographer to take part?
Not a bit of it, any type of camera and level of experience is fine. If you’re an amateur, having the chance to get key insights from well respected professionals is an amazing opportunity. For seasoned pros, having regular thought-provoking challenges can keep your shooting fresh.

Is photoshoppery allowed?
Anything you could do within a darkroom is alright by us, lightening, cropping etc. Also image manipulation that doesn’t interfere with fundamentals of the photo itself is also acceptable. Extreme image editing including the addition of text or very obviously applied filters is generally discouraged.

How can I keep up-to-date with the challenges?
Having taken part in weekly projects ourselves we know that often the hardest part can be keeping abreast of the challenges. One way is to keep checking back with this site or the Flickr group every Thursday. You can also subscribe to the Mailing List, add the RSS feed to your reader, 'like' our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter. We also have a Google+ page and Android App.

How many images can I submit a week?
You can submit one photo for each challenge per week. We’ve allowed two submissions to the group per week in case you’ve missed a challenge or have joined part way through the project and want to go back to complete previous challenges.

Can I contribute to a previous week’s challenge?
Absolutely, if you’d like to start from the very first challenge or there’s an early one that particularly appeals to you then go for it. In this case labelling and tagging the photo become more important to save confusion with the current challenge submissions.

Are there particular tags/labels on Flickr or Hash Tags on Twitter we should be using?
Please include the challenge number in the photo title e.g #5 so it’s clear which challenge the photo relates to. It’s possible but less desirable to include the challenge number in the photo description instead. You can use a 52by52 tag within Flickr and if you’re tweeting your photo the hashtag #52by52.

Damn, I’ve missed a week, what do I do?
The idea of the project is to stretch your creative muscles, not to make you feel pressured or overwhelmed, if you miss some weeks that’s not a problem. You always have the option to catch up if you want to take it and you can always look at others’ contributions to give you inspiration for the future.

Do I have to join the Flickr Group to take part?
In theory no, you could play along at home and post your work just on your own blog, on twitter or nowhere at all. But we believe sharing your work with the group is part of the experience and so would recommend you do join the Flickr group.

How do I contact 52 by 52?
52 by 52 is always on the look out for talented photographers to set the challenges so please get in touch if you know of any. We also would love to hear your opinions on the project, we're always ready to receive feedback. The easiest way of getting in touch is by emailing us, you can also post to our Facebook wall or Tweet us.

What's the future for 52 by 52?
A free iPhone App to help to keep up-to-date with the project.
Challenges sent weekly by email.
Extended interviews by the challenge setters on the site, discussing their own approach to image making.
A book of contributions once the project finishes.

------- Submitting old photos to the challenges -------

As mentioned in the rule number 2:
Submissions must represent new work taken in response to the challenge.

So we'd ask that you don't submit old photos to the project.

We're happy for members to submit work to previous challenges. It's easy to miss a week and new members might be drawn to previous challenges, but the photos must stick to rule No. 2.

We fully understand the desire to promote shots you've previously taken as the internet has a very short attention span, but this group isn't the place to do that. For one it isn't fair to the other members who take time out from busy lives to respond to the challenges.

One of the purposes of the project is to help members to explore their own process. Submitting work that is purely for self-promotional purposes and hasn't used the challenges as a starting point for exploration isn't in the spirit of 52 by 52 and will be removed from the group.

We're a small team, so if anyone feels they'd like to be a moderator then please get in touch as your time would be very much appreciated.
Leripix 7 years ago
Sorry to be dim. . . but. . . if I wanted to catch up with, say #02, would a photo I took during the original #02 week be deemed OK if I submitted it during #11 week, or would it be classed as an "old photo" as I didn;t take it THIS week?

(I think I've even made the question un-understandable! now you see how my brain works!)
Larking About 7 years ago
I was kind of wondering the same thing - I am presuming as long as it was taken after the original instruction was given it would be alright !?
52 by 52 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by 52 by 52 (admin) 7 years ago
Good question and completely understandable!

I think it goes back to the 1st rule...
The submitted photo must represent new work taken in response to the challenge.

It's absolutely fine to submit to previous challenges but the photo should be taken whilst responding to that particular instruction. So if you've seen "#10 Get wet..." but you haven't had your camera with you in the rain till week #20 then that's no problem to submit in that week.

So in theory submitting to #2 in week #11 is fine if one's been 'carrying around' the challenge for that time.

The submitted photo should only be 1 to 2 weeks old, maybe a little more if it's shoot on film rather than digital.

What we're trying to avoid is members submitting work which fits a previous challenge but was taken before they were aware of the challenge.

I hope that makes sense and seems fair? We might change that policy as we get further into the project if that's something members would like to see alter.

I believe SPNP have a "Old photos that fit the brief" thread, perhaps 52 by 52 could have a similar thing?
Leripix 7 years ago
"What we're trying to avoid is members submitting work which fits a previous challenge but was taken before they were aware of the challenge. "

I think the above answers my/our question perfectly. It is also a "trust" thing then, as well as a timing thing isn't it?

I agree that maybe an Old Photo that Fits the Brief thread would remove the temptation to bend the rules, which are already generous.

Thanks David.
52 by 52 7 years ago
Thanks for raising the question guys, it's probably something other people had on their minds too.

Absolutely , it certainly about trust :)

Great we'll start that "Old photos...." thread in a few days then.
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