52 by 52 1:27pm, 12 September 2011
As mentioned in the rule number 2:
Submissions must represent new work taken in response to the challenge.

So we'd ask that you don't submit old photos to the project.

We're happy for members to submit work to previous challenges. It's easy to miss a week and new members might be drawn to previous challenges, but the photos must stick to rule No. 2.

We fully understand the desire to promote shots you've previously taken as the internet has a very short attention span, but this group isn't the place to do that. For one it isn't fair to the other members who take time out from busy lives to respond to the challenges.

One of the purposes of the project is to help members to explore their own process. Submitting work that is purely for self-promotional purposes and hasn't used the challenges as a starting point for exploration isn't in the spirit of 52 by 52 and will be removed from the group.

We're a small team, so if anyone feels they'd like to be a moderator then please get in touch as your time would be very much appreciated.

Thanks all,
52 by 52
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