52 by 52 2:11pm, 25 September 2011
Here's a collection of photography based websites we've been looking at over the past month or so, hope you find them as inspiring as we did! Please feel free to add in any websites that inspire you.

Our contributors:

Misc site

Martin Parr's 'Small World' showing the difference between reality & mythology of a tourist location.

Portraits of people playing video games

David Peat's street photography

Chloe Dewe Mathews - Caspia

Vladimir Vasilev has an impressive gallery:

Four glorious minutes with NYC street photographer, Bruce Gilden

Great collection of NYC subway photos from various years

30 Pulitzer winning #photos from last 30 years

British photographer Peter Dench

Forty Self Portraits by Vivian Maier

Justin Vogel – East Village, New York

Has the Düsseldorf School killed photography?

Witty (& controversial) Cardiff nightlife photos from Maciej Dakowicz

Tom Hyde – After the Fall
Rik O'Hare LRPS 7 years ago
Nice links. The Justin Vogel shot of the woman with an umbrella was featured on the BBC news ite this week
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