willanna 11:44pm, 21 February 2012
Just a heads-up for those who didn't watch Martha today...Heather has two prints available on Spoonflower (as part of the Crafty Chloe launch). One is a small scale print of yellow roses (which I think would make a cute tee in knit!) and a cheater patchwork print:

colleenamareena 6 years ago
Is anyone interested in half yards of each of these prints? I'd love to buy a yard of each and go in halvsies with someone!
Mermaid Sews 6 years ago
There are also mermaids!!! I just bought a yard!
jenjohnston 6 years ago
I wonder if the mermaids are super-gigantic like the ones that she released after the studio sale. They were about 4 times the size of the original mermaids and I was pretty disappointed. If these are better I am totally going to order more...
Thanks so much for posting about the mermaids- I ordered 2 yards. Small or large I WANT THEM!! :)
Silly lil' Doe! 6 years ago
Thought I'd share just in case you're still wondering. The top two are from Spoonflower and the bottom one is from Mendocino.

jenjohnston 6 years ago
I just bought some and ended up with the middle one - not the giant mermaids, but not as small as the Mendocino original collection. Love them either way :)
alisa1900 6 years ago
Thanks for posting the pic! Just placed an order for one yard. The large mermaids were the ones that Heather Ross offered after her studio sale. The middle sized seems to be what Spoonflower is offering now. Either way, I really do love them.
I ordered 2 yards and was disappointed that they came as 2 - 1 yard cuts. O well... will hoard them until I figure out something awesome to do with them :)
jenjohnston Posted 6 years ago. Edited by jenjohnston (member) 6 years ago
I ordered 2 yards of three different prints and they each came as a single, 2-yard cut. I chose "2 yards" on the page where you add the fabric to the cart as opposed to choosing "1 yard" and then entering a quantity of 2 in the cart.
Darn... would have been good to know that. O well, not the end of the world :) Thanks for the tip for next time tho.
kmdegroot 6 years ago
how's the base cloth feeling these days?

I just received some today and the new cotton is waaay nicer than it used to be I think they are using Kona cotton now, you can really tell the difference.
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